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I have just joined tonight. I am a 38 year old mother of two, going through a fairly difficult period just now, but also becoming increasingly aware that "I've lived a bit" and have many experiences to write about.

I have dabbled with writing now, but never really persevered. I would like to start again. I feel it would be a great hobby - possibly more oneday (!) and it would be helpful to get some of my experiences out in the open. Not that they are amazingly dramatic or traumatic, but they are important to me, and I would enjoy including them in my craft -if I can call it that yet (!)

I have decided to try and write a few short stories. I have written a draft of one that I intend to send off for a competition. I'm not so worried about winning (although that would be great), but competitions have deadlines, and I think these are good for me. So could I post this on the "shortstory" section, to see what other people think? I would like to try my hand at magazine articles too.

Looking forward to being inspired, supported, advised, and to supporting too if I can.


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Hi there and welcome to Writing Forums. I hope you enjoy being here with us, and get the help that you need with your writing.

Have fun!

~ Shinn