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I am Nato, my username, speed_addiction comes from my love of riding and racing motorcycles. I am 49 years old and I have written since high school. Just have not published anything. This seems like a good place to get me past me past that hurdle.


Just a little bit of me...

I wouldn't call myself a writer at all times, I just mainly use it as a way to express myself, but doesn't everyone. At times I'm very literal, and I speak and write the way I want. I plan on posting forums regularly on this site. So hello, and I look forward to sharing my future posts with all of you.


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hey everybody

My name is Shawn and I enjoy writing a lot, it seems to be one of my greatest passions. I am more of a freestyle poet and maybe you will enjoy some of my works, I am looking to positively contribute and receive feedback on my works aswell, hope to meet a lot of good people here.


Full filling a promise

When I was young, I use to write all the time. I stopped writing for various reasons, but starting again has been a freeing experience. It's something I should have been doing for a long time. I have fullfilled a promise by starting to write again. So I am seeking places of encouragment and discover to place my writing for now.



Well hello there, my name's Andreea and I'm a 20 year old student from Romania. I study economics and international relations in Bucharest and don't really wish to follow a path in life with this, more in advertising and marketing. I began writing little over 5 years ago and I think that my first text was a fanfiction, can't remember for sure. Anyway, I kept on writing and created my own characters (which I am quite proud of, as any writer should be). My first original character was Pjerrot Wagner so I guess that's why I am quite attached to him, out of all the characters I have.
I found this forum while I was looking for some writing tips on Google, and joined because I want to recieve some critic and advice on my writing.
That's all there is to know about me, so I bid you farewell for now.


Hey All


Names Adam and I can't remember the last time I wrote anything other than an essay for college. With that being said, something recently sparked an interest in it again and I have begun a few different writing projects.

Hopefully, this will not be something that fades quickly and I will keep with it.


Hello, and merry Christmas from East Africa.

I come from a family of writers, journalists, and editors, and I write political reports for a living, but I've always secretly wanted to let my freak flag fly and write a vampire novel. Not just any vampire novel, though--I'm envisioning a smart, literature-quality vampire novel that makes no apologies for a protagonist who eats people.

What stands in my way: I have never tried to write fiction before. I've never written a report over 10 pages long. I've certainly never tried to deal with the supernatural in a literary sense.

Believe me, I know how hard it must be to write a good vampire novel, judging from the quality of stuff that's no the market right now. Nonetheless, I am holding out the hope that, with the support I find here, I can hone my work into something pleasant, readable, and meaningful. I mean, if I can make a readable report about the activities of some third-rate opposition party in some backwater town in Sub-Saharan Africa, certainly I can write an interesting book about a vampire, right?

All I have right now are snippets and ideas. I hope y'all don't calling me silly for having a dream.


Hi I am Phyllis and I write children's books I have a book being reviewed right now by Ellen Degeneres Who knows where that will go. Does anyone here have connections to a children's publisher. I have no idea I have 3 children's books written but I have never went ahead and published them due to not knowing which publishing companies to trust. I have had 3 contracts sent to me but I am so scared of getting ripped off. Anyone else had this issue. When your knew you have read some pretty gruesome things about publishing companies. Well thanks and nice visiting you. I live in the midwest of USA Yorkiesrpeople2
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Hi skunkhaus! Lots of freak flags flying here, just join in! Welcome aboard.

Welcome Phyllis! You may find some here who can help you with guidance. Good luck!


Well, if I was a robot, that'd be pretty cool. But I'm not, oh well. I haven't creatively written since I was about 10 years old. I've studied journalism and English literature for four years. Having studied English literature, I worry that my standards are too high and anything I write will not meet those standards. I guess we'll see what happens.
I also was the editor of the college newspaper, and now I'm teaching English as a foreign language. Oh yea, I'm 23 years old. That's all for now.


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don't read anything i write then... i hate standards; in the king's English department.


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I'm a geezer from Bama, a grad of the U of A (Roll Tide), have a twenty-seven-year-old son. Took up lyric writing 4 years ago. Then decided to try writing a novel. Have learned many of the rudiments of lyric writing, but know almost zilch about fiction writing...heck, I don't even read it. I have 'completed' a 325 page fiction novel that I would love to get feedback on before I waste time & $$$ sending it to publishers. Thanks.


New Adventure

Hello. I am embarking on a bit of a writing voyage in 2010 and am new to any type of online "forum". Hopefully, a great deal of inspiration lies ahead...
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