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I live in Saudi Arabia, I come from a village in southern India, and I go to school in Massachussets.
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Hello, I'm a 21 year old college student. I love reading and writing. I'm currently working on a mystery story and will apperciate any help i may receive. I'm also very interested in the japanese culture. Thank you very much.:read:


thanks gumby. i actually stumbled on this site by mistake. i was on my way to writingforums.ORG but wrote .com instead. glad i did, becasue the level of writing is much higher here.

hello rebecca


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Hi Rebecca, welcome to the forums. There are some wonderful writers here and everyone is willing to help and critique.

Shamanth: hope you stay around a while, it's a good forum


Hey all,

I'm a student at Gonzaga University, just joined to post a few poems I wrote. Not much of a creative writer per se, but I need an outlet so I'm giving it try.


Hello i'm srini, im 15 year old and I just wanted to say hello to everyone here


Hello everyone,

I am:

39 years old
A husband
A father of two
Finished with 4 years of college (Psychology/History)
Not a Robot

I have always had a fondness for writing and have aspired to one day have a book in print. I tend to enjoy science fiction and fantasy settings most. While I got plenty of practice writing while attending college, I suppose I was looking for a place to keep in practice.

I look forward to lurking about and interacting!


I am new to WritingForums!

I wrote a novella, "Travels Through Love and Time", available on my web site:
Ooops, no links possible yet...OK....if you want, you can always google my name, Christine Hall Volkoff, to get a link. In the meantime, I will browse around, and read!
I love to get comments from readers!
Here is the pitch:
From the rocky coves of the small island of Porquerolles in her teenage years, the glamour of the Cannes Film Festival in the 60's to a cafe in Paris in the 80's as a middle aged woman, Christine doesn't really know if she is looking for love, or if love is looking for her.
At the terrace of a small outdoor cafe, she discusses Marguerite Duras with an unknown woman, and enters into a whirlwind of fear and desire only mitigated by good food and the magic of the city. Has Christine learned anything about love in her travels?
In Venice Beach, California, now mature, she becomes smitten with a woman 30 years her junior. As she tries to give Bethany some comfort, she will let herself descend once again into the mysteries of infatuation. Will she be able to follow the advice of her teenage years, finally be able to enjoy the good life, and recover her peace of mind?
Get ready to travel through love, space and time...

This might be more interesting to women, though some of the best comments I've had were from straight men...Check it out!


Hi Guyz!! I'm new in this forum and I just want ti say hello to every member on this forum.. I hope we are having a good time here.. See yah!!


i write a lot but most of it is nonsense

i write when i'm stressed, sad, bored.
i write mostly in prose except when an urge for poetry strikes but the poetry usually stinks these days. it was better in high school. how pathetic.


Hi, I'm a guy who has a passion for reading and writing.
Unfortunately, I struggle with focus and confidence, so have never really produced anything. Hoping that I can find some support so I can get these thoughts out into the world!


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for someone with no confidence you sure are pretty honest, i think you'll be fine. for the most part people are pretty supportive around here


i like to write. have been writing for as long as i can remember. i like writing everything from poetry to short stories, to random babbling about anything


Hey All,
I'm Sandy. I am currently writing a fantasy love story. Can't wait to meet everyone and hopefully bounce ideas and helps off you all.
I have been married for 8 years and we have a little boy who is 4 and we call him JD!
Catch ya later all!
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