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hey guys my names Jamie and im happy to be a part of this great site :D
im 18 so not the best writer but im going to put up the start of two of my novels so id love to hear what you think of them so far :D

nice to meet you all
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Hi My name is Joy. I'm a college student. I'm at a two year school majoring in liberal arts. I'm transferring to a four year (most likely the university of utah) majoring in journalism, and minoring in theatre. I love to write, and just want to get some options on my strengths or weaknesses.

Editor Jennifer

Hi all,

I'm a writer, editor and audiobook producer. You can check me out here at my Editor Jennifer website.

I sponsor two writing contests. My Best of the Best Ebook Contest just closed on August 31st. The semifinalists will be announced on my site one per day during October. The first, second and third place prize winners, who will get $250, an audiobook production, and a copy of NovelPlanner software, respectively, will be announced on November 1st.

My contest for unpublished authors will be announced in November.

Can't wait to get to know everyone here!


Hello... I´m Koalina, I´m Australian, and I´m in Australia at this moment.. I´m actually looking for a creative writing site where I can write in español.. but I can get my first clues here.. geeeee it looks very interesting. I might even consider writing here too! .. At the moment I´m just feeling my way around, voy a hacer un vistazo antes de hacer nada.

Anna Buttons

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You're Pretty

I am impressed with this site already -

"Please contact Administration if your date of birth has changed"

In about one year I will be ten thousand days old. I'm quite excited.
I tell my friends they're pretty when I can't think of anything to say.
I am excellent at starting things but rarely finish anyth



Hi my name is Justin ,and I am currently in my junior year in college. I am not a great writer, but it does not mean I don't enjoy to write. I would just like to improve on my writing, and hopefully become both a good college essay writier, and to improve my own personally.


Hello Writing Forums.
I've been writing this story in my free time. I suppose I would classify it as sci-fi/horror. I've never written any fiction before it, so I'm hoping to get some advice/criticism here in these forums.
I'm posting it on WordPress one chapter at a time, and I'm thinking I can link there from here.


Hello everyone,
In December, I'll be 66. For the last couple of years, I've been sort of learning how to transcribe by working online for Mech Turkers over at Amazon.com. It's sure a good way to learn punctuation, at least for me -- a high school drop out. And now, just like others here, I want to try to learn to write and share the many stories that I have lived in my life. I hope that I can start a new chapter by doing so. Will.


Hello everyone, my name is Matt. I live in Jerome, Idaho with my wife and one year old son. I've been writing tidbits here and there for about seven years. I'm currently working on a novel, but have trouble sitting myself down and putting words on the screen, so signed onto WritingForums hoping to find motivation, a little bit of inspiration, and eventually some critiquing.



Hello, my name is Billy. I've been writing songs and music for about 3 years now. Just figured I would join a forum to see where other musician get their inspiration from and maybe to get some positive critiques on my own music. Thanks for listening look forward to hearing from everyone.


I am Vivek from Mumbai, India. I am in a job and i dont like writing much but i like reading a lot! I read hundreds of books. My favourite genere is mistery and action.
Though If there is a good mix of romance in it then it just becomes perfect for me.


Hey, I'm John from Pittsburgh, PA. I normally write lyrics, I've wrote them for about 10 years now. Been wanting to make a band for a while, still trying to figure out how to learn guitar... Just figured I'd check this place out :).

Barbara Jean

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Barbara Jean

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Barbara Jean
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