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Thanks for the encouragement Fin. How it ends , "Happily ever after' easy I think I can do this. looking forward to hopefully become a part of the community here. Peace B. A p.s, I am also interested in freeware writing tools. thanks

Lilly Davidson

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Hi Mad Cowboy

I like 'mad' and I think lack of formal education can mean a free mind in terms of creativity and ideas. So I look forward to looking at some of your work.


I'm a young writer, 14, though I use writer loosely. I am hoping that a community of writers will encourage me to write more. Telling stories is my passion but I don't wish to be strictly a writer, I also want to preform. Stand-up, namely. Right now I'm trying to break out of all of my 'people in my class are dumber than me and I hate the world' poetry and am attempting more thoughtful work. I don't really know how it's working out, though, so I want this community to critique my work. I also want to critique others work but please, take my opinion with a gain of salt.
Right now I want to write screenplays and TV shows that skew comically. I am currently writing personnel poetry that I like but I think I lack skill.
Books and plays that I am reading write now are the 'classics' like Shakespeare's plays and poetry and The Great Gatsby. I really hope this community helps me and that I can succeed in my goal of becoming a good writer and hopefully help you along the way.

Lilly Davidson

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Hello Kakologia
Welcome - how wonderful to have such a young person in our midst! I hope you enjoy it on here and hope we can all help you.


Hullo. I'm Ronenf77! I'm in grade six, and writing is my passion. I want to be an author when I'm older, and I figure this is a place to start.
I've filled notebooks with my work, mainly snippets of storys I've been thinking of. But I feel sharing my work others will be better. I'm fully aware that
I won't be able to write a book and get it published at this age, but you know what they say; "Practice makes perfect!"
So google has brought me here. After my request of; "writing forum." I believe I will be posting some work of mine.
I COMPLETELY welcome constructive criticism, with open arms, and a clear mind.

Olly Buckle

Hi Ronenf77. I am English, year six in our reckoning would make you about eleven if I remember right, but I don't believe that, anyhow, still at school, not too young to get published. I have somewhere a copy of a book called "The young visitors", it was published sometime in the late 1800s early 1900s and there is a picture in the front with the legend "The author". She is a little girl in Edwardian or Victorian petticoats, stockings, boots, bonnet etc. sat on a cushion. It is what you might expect from a precocious young child and it caught the public imagination and went to 13 reprints of the first edition within a year, maybe more, mine is a thirteenth. Never say 'Cant!' or 'won't be able to', I will accept 'unlikely', or 'have difficulty' but there is always the chance, and difficulties can be overcome. :)

Or in Ronen terms; remember there are five guards, upper, middle, lower, right hand and left hand, but as Musashi says "Whatever guard you adopt, do not think of it as being on guard; think of it as being part of the act of killing."

welcome to the forum. I arrived here the same way some time ago and have found much here, hope you have a good time.


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Hi Everyone! My name is Gerry, and I am a high school student!! I have no writing experience, but hope to gain some by posting stories!! I love to read novels by many different authors from Clive Cussler to WEB Griffin! I hope to use this knowlege of books to write my own stories, and maybe, just maybe; my own novels!!


Hello all! I'd like to just go by Ligeia. I'm in my early 30's and have been writing on and off for a very long time. I've only been published in my HS literary mag but hope one day to do more. I'm hoping to hone my skills and develop my voice more.
Hello everyone,

You can call me Johnny. I'm a twenty two year old student who is trying to pursue the domain of "Psychology". The reason why I'm here is to hone my writing skills profoundly and learn from writers more experienced than I(probably all of you here). As you can see, I'm still a beginner in this craft, but I'm willing to take advice from anybody, and receive intense constructive criticism. If you have any sources/threads/websites that you can recommend me to get started, I will be open to it.

Thank you!


I am a 56 year old man, married with 3 grown up kids. I have no writing experience left school at 14 with no qualifications but am well travelled.
I have many stories on all kinds of subjets fiction/non fiction that I want to tell. I hope you will be patient as my grammar is not perfect.
You will get to know me a bit better as post and chat with you all.


K. Altan

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Sorry about doing this again, but I didn't think I really introduced myself well. I'm just starting high school this year, so I'm still a very young writer. I've had problems in the past with most of my English teachers. Last year was the only year that I actually LEARNED anything in English. That's how I finally got back to writing. I used to write all the time, but I lost interest. I just felt like I wasn't getting any better. My English teacher in 6th grade got really sick and was out for months. In 7th grade, our teacher left for another job, so we had sub after sub. I guess I'm not the luckiest person. I'm here because I need help. I want to improve. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Sorry it's so long.
Hi Everyone!
I'm new here, hoping to learn a thing or two. I hated writing in school, but once I was in the workforce, I found it to be interesting, whether I was writing a technical manual or just contributing to the company newsletter. I started my own blog last summer, just to hone my skills and make me feel a bit of pressure to keep writing when I would rather just sit and vegetate ;-)



Hey everyone! My name's Nick, I'm 20 years old, I started writng back in January. I have written two short stories and well on my way to writing a novel (20k words in). I love Stephen King, Poe, or any good psychological horror/thriller book or movie. I'm afraid of spiders, clowns and heights, but I love being scared. I listen to classic rock and heavy metal, with a bit of old school thrash metal in there as well. I have a couple of questions. How can I post a new topic on these forums? Also, there's a short story I would like to share with everyone, but, on the chance that I get published one day, will I still be able to use my short story in a collection one day? I'm thinking I won't be able to, but I'm just asking to make sure.

Thanks for the help!
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