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I'm an unpublished writer, currently working on a novel. I'm here to talk to like minded people, get advice and help people out too. I have written some short stories, some of which I have entered into competitions recently (no feedback on them yet). I'm working on setting up a blog as a portfolio.

Thats about it so see you around!

Welcome to the forums, Varica. You've come to the right place for talking to like-minded peeps.



Heya. I just graduated from high school, soon to enter college. I've always liked writing, but never did it with enough frequency or intensity to get good at it. So I'm planning on starting now. No plans to do it professionally (I'm interested in going into physics), but developing new skills is nice.

Um... I like pizza, and soup... man, this is hard. :p


Hi all...

Currently a college student minoring in Creative Writing and majoring in Comparative Literature... you might say that I like books :)

My parents taught me to read before kindergarten and I loved it from first encounter. My first real book was The Secret Garden at age 7, which I still like to reread every once in awhile.

Nothing like a good book on a sunny Saturday afternoon with birds chirping for about five hours - I'm a true addict.

I've also tried writing, both poetry and creative non-fiction. I've been published in school publications and in Skipping Stones (a youth magazine). Don't really see it going farther than a hobby for me - the path of a freelance writer or novelist seems so intimidating! Plus I don't think I'm good enough.

I would like to work with books though, so I'm currently pursuing a career in the book publishing industry, which is where I am right now. If anyone has any good advice for this, PLEASE let me know!

So I guess that's me in a nutshell...



Introduce Myself to ya all!

First of all My name is Moonlight Skywriter, ( Pen name). I am a married woman for 21 yrs plus, have 3 wonderful, furry cats, with People names. James, Jaron, and Naki Poo
We live down south, like Ya all know where that is!:smile: I have written many stories one of them has already been published on an online womens forum, women taking care of business and I rather not put in my real name for this to tell you where its at , at this time. I hope ya all understand that. Secrets of Lingerie.

I have traveled mostly the entire globe, and do alot of crusin' with DH. I am a new writer, but Have written 50 plus stories and one of my books Grandma's Pocket Pals, hopefully will be self published by November this year. ( Unless a publisher will like to pick it up and publish it for me!)

I have just finished my genealogy on both sides of the family and my Mothers side goes back to 717 AD and my Dads side goes back 1256, in a town that was named after his last name. Not realizing that we were all related not once but twice in a three hundred year span.

I am also a co -founder of the Dolly Mamma's , Nurses in a Mission,where we make cloth dolls, along with Vision Quest, ( a Travel Group) with a dear friend Lore and Mauri, where we take our dolls create them out of cloth, paint their faces and put clothes and panties on then, and hair on them, and send them off to meet their new owners in a foreign land.

I hope that one of my books, Grandma's Pocket Pals becomes a big hit in the fall, and mostly all my proceeds will help the children that I have done mission trips for. Medical mission trips, along with my two dear friends Mauri and Lore. Medical Mission trips help the children whose families can not afford to take them to have operations and other child formalities.

I am also a retired Jewelry Designer and I still offen teach classes in fine Glass Seed Beads, I also design on commission new works in Colars, Bracelets, and Earrings.

I am hoping to get out of this group some knowledge on how to put my grammar to work and try to use the words in a better order. I am dyslexic and the words do not come out the way they are supposed to do.

I have a disability and I hope no one tries to judge me on this, I write Phonicically on how I would hear the words. I have joined alot of forums but I think that this one does not judge like others do. I am not a professional yet, but the characters talk to me in the late of the night and beg me to put them into my stories. I have several stories I would love to post here, but do not know what kind of genre they would be, whether they are science fiction to horror to novel based etc. I am all new to this stuff, even though I have written many stories. The stories come out of mostly of my family. I have a big family. So every family has a story to tell, and mine is no different.
I feel that I would love to hear critiquing and some in put on my work (s). Please be honest I am not afraid of anyone telling me that my work stinks, its okay. I am just tired of "rejection letters". Sometimes it just is not worth it to send to a publisher, just self publish and market and push the books yourself. You just never know who you will meet, someone famous may pick it up!

My work come easily to me, I am also a ghost-writer have done this for nearly two years, and written many stories under another assumed name, not this one obviously. I hope to get to learn alot here, and I hope that we all can be friends and teach one another about our skills.

Just want to say that I have a disablity I am dyslexic and have trouble with my grammar, but I am trying my best to get some of my work out. I thought that if I show you all what I can do maybe you can tell me if I am doing this correctly or not. thank you in advance
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hi my name is gixmi, belong to Pakistan, working as web designer and developer. you can contact me via zubi (@) gmx.com i love to work for my bro and sister.



Hi everyone,

My name is Jay and I am new to online writer's groups. I used to attempt a creative writing group in University, more than a decade ago, and miss the creative interaction it allowed. I've been writing for quite a while and feel like it's time to see if I'm ready to submit for publishing, but this aspect of the process is all new to me.

I'm living & working in Toronto, Canada, where a month-long garbage strike just ended. Hurrah! :thumbl:



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Hello there captainjay. My father is a Canadian expatriate and much of my extended family lives in the Toronto area.

I look forward to seeing your work.

Out of curiosity, how did you find this sight?
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Hello there captainjay. My father is a Canadian expatriate and much of my extended family lives in the Toronto area.

I look forward to seeing your work.

Out of curiosity, how did you find this sight?

Hi Joseph, thanks for the welcome.

I actually found this site doing a google search for writer's groups online... It was a pretty long search, though. My search revealed a lot of groups, but having peeked in at this one, it is certainly treated in a much more productive manner!

I look forward to exploring more!


Hi, I'm not a Robot, just a newbie looking for a community to hang out in and meet new friends.

I do enjoy writing, mostly Fiction shorts and Food related articles. My goal is to learn from the professionals here on how to improve my writing skills. I look forward to a great experience in this forum.

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I'm back !

Hey everyone! I have been gone for quite a long time, but today I am back. Looking forward to the writing challenges and games.



Because I am not desirous of making a new thread, I'll just drop my introduction here.

I like to write. I'm here mostly to critique and be critiqued.


Getting my proverbial feet wet

Hello Folks,
I will more than likely make a few posting (and 'other') errors before I get to feeling comfortable on this site.
A little about myself:
My name is Charles and I currently have a fiction novel from within that is crying to get out. I would very much like to make it to 1st base, but I am unsure as to where 1st base is. By this I mean to say that I don't know if I should first learn about plot, characters, POV, or even something else first. ](*,) It appears that I feel confident and secure with my title and that is about it. I feel that there are other folks out there that have been in a similiar situation, or maybe are there now. In either case, I am reaching out, if you will, to make acquaintances in general, and more specifically to people that are where I am at now. Put another way, I feel that I am rowing a boat with a single oar and hence going in circles in regard to how to begin. Rather than someone giving me the other oar, maybe someone out there can simply direct me to where it may be at.

I apologize for the over-articulation and have a great day.

Charles (a.k.a. Redfeennix)


Howdy people!

I've registered on a few other writing sites and now have decided to join writingforums as well. I hope to put some critiques up soon and a story or two.

I look forward to it!


I'm SugarMinuet, and I am not the best writer, being just 14 years old, but I do have one idea that I think is sort of interesting. I would read it if it were made into a book, I don't know about anyone else though.
It's about identical twin sisters, and one of them hates being identical. She hates it more than anything, she doesn't want to be confused with her sister and especially doesn't want to be associated as just a half of the one whole person she and her sister are often thought of as. She wishes they weren't identical, but she is afraid to change anything about herself.
Her wish is granted when the other sister is diagnosed with bone cancer, a Ewing's Sarcoma in her leg, after it breaks while she is running in gym class (they are freshmen or sophmores in high school by the way).
Now the healthy sister must deal with her emotions about her sister's illness, her guilt about wishing her sister wasn't like her, and the possibility that her beloved sister may not survive. She is given chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and limb salvage surgery, but eventually recovers and goes into remission. Two months later her cancer returns, but this time in her bone marrow. She has relapsed, and that's where the first book ends. I'm planning on it being two books, but if I decide against that then I would cut out the part about her relapse.
Does anybody like this idea? It won't be too depressing, maybe the death of a minor character she meets in the hospital, but since it's about teenagers, they usually find a better way to cope with cancer than adults who often go into a state of depression. It will deal with all aspects of cancer, the effect on the ill child, both physical and emotional, the effect on her social life, and also the effect it has on thos who love her, especially her sister who feels that she wished this on her. I don't really have any idea for a title, so any help with that would be good. Plase don't steal ideas, I'm not looking for anyone to publish or write this story for me!


I guess I'm supposed to do this?

Well. I am a big fan of fantasy books and am in the process of writing a novel of my own. That's pretty much it.
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