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I'm a writer in high school just wanting to get some honest critiques because it seems like the only things anyone ever says about my stories is "I like it", "It's really good", or "Neat", and that kind of feedback is no way to help me develop as a writer. I write poems, short stories, and the beginnings of long stories that I never seem to be able to finish.

ash somers

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Excellent! I shall direct you directly to the Writers' Workshop or the Poetry Forum for good, honest and sometimes blunt, critique. Pop on your thick skin, try not to take it personally and join in by letting others know what you think of their work. No matter how lame you think you sound, it's always appreciated. Oh, and most of all, have fun while you're at it. Best wishes, ash somers ;)


Hi, Chaos_Rising, I'll add my hello to Ash's here and say you're most welcome. We've got all levels of writers here to mingle and swap ideas and thoughts.

There's an online class that I've taken in the past and I'm taking again as a refresher that you might like. I refer people to it often enough that I may just put it in my signature line. It's a free class and it goes over the basics of fiction writing so if you'd choose to do it you might have an easier time figuring out how to get from start to finish with your stories.

Here on WF another area you might like is Literary Maneuvers, these are friendly competitions for very short stories that run every few weeks. If the prompt inspires you then you write your piece, post it in the thread indicated by the deadline, and a small jury panel of volunteers from here on WF will give you feedback.

Welcome to WF!
Hi everyone! *waves enthusiastically*
I'm new here, and I'd love to see how you guys like my first determined-to-finish story, which will be posted soon. Comments and critiques are more than welcome--they're why I'm here!
So.. I'll be seeing you around! :)

ash somers

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awww, your avatar is sooo cute, I love it!

I look forward to seeing you around,

and welcome, SiberianOwlette :)


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Hi i'm TestDummy. Its jut a name. As far as i know, i am not a test dummy for anything. At all. That i know of.
Anyways... i saw some of my friends on a fanfic site, which was the first time it occurred to me that i can post my stories online. Unfortunately, i dont write fanfic, i write fantasy, so, through the wonders of Google, i arrived here.


my names andrew been writing books since i was 9:) my latest completed book was called the praetorian:) just on here to steal peoples ideas...lmao i lie i already have a good fantasy book im thinking of (ive been thinking about this idea since i was 9, lmao lord of the rings wont have nothing on this...ish lol)

ash somers

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Hello TestDummy, Loknar and DevilVision,
Welcome to WritingForums fellow writers


it's great to see more happening
in the lyrics section - awesome!

IRL my name is Joe, on the 'net I'm winkinatcha.

They're one and the same.

New to this community, n a bit self-confident n stuff. Hopefully I do not step on anyone's toes....

Two days old here so things may go in fits and starts.

In the meantime... Big Love to you all :))


Jessalynn Barnum

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Hello all, I am Jessalynn, I have been writing short stories sence I could write. I write love stories, but mine are uncommon, they are usally with some actor/singer who is rich and famous and falls in love with a nobody girl who lives in Commerce. MI. It's a way where I get away from all the stress at home.


Hello all

Hello all I am just starting out writing and any help/encouragement would be GREATLY appreciated. Things about myself, um. well I am a complete technology freak, I love gaming, I can always get lost in my own imagination when reading a good book, and there are a couple of T.V. shows that I watch. So that's me. Also I just love to have fun, and if you ever need anything I can help with just let me know.\\:D/


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Hello p5ich0, and welcome! Lots of great people here to help or give critiques. Join in the Lounge and get to know them, and when you feel comfortable, read a few stories and offer your critiques, and show us some of your work. :)


Hello to all members i am new here have been writing for a while and figured why not share it :) not much to me but i am different from every body else started something new this year im in echostage which is like plays and stuff and i absolutly love it!!
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