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Hey, y'all

Hello, all you lovely literary people out there!

A few, short things about me. I look forward to the forums with you, and wish everyone a wonderful weekend -

~ I am a recent transplant to Idaho, a native southerner

~ I teach music, and write mostly for myself

~I am a freakishly obsessive reader (I have 7 books going right now)

~ I talk with my hands, talk to myself, and suffer regularly from dysfunctional internal monologue

~I am very tactile and very auditorily oriented

~ My world is a lot bigger than it used to be


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Well welcome Evaporated. I can't wait to see you around in the Lounge and in whatever creative area you like to hang in. I hope you stay active. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. It is a mostly very friendly group of people here. ;)


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Hello Poets & Writers - I am H.E. Mantel/HaroHalola, published Poet/Writer in print & the Internet; I was touted onto this site by Rob Staniford of the UK, grateful for the invitation, my wish is I will post Work worthy of the site, & which will prove interesting, garner comments - observations, crits., questions... Likewise, I look forward to the established work here, as well. TY, InRhyme - H.e.m./H'H.

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hallo, hello, hullo

Hi, all--I'm Terrianne: avid reader, occasional poem-writer, frequent worker in the visual arts (drawing, printmaking, painting). I learned of this site from my friend/collaborator HaroHalola; it's a pleasure to see the quality of the work AND the critiques, and I'm looking forward to participating.

A question: is posting of poems with accompanying images (or vice versa) permitted?


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Hello All - TY for the gracious welcomes - here, & on the boards in response to my Work; I am pleased to see my friend/Published Artist/Published Poet/collaborator Terrianne U. Swift (go home) on board, posting & commenting. It would seem the calibre here is 1st. rate in every aspect which is inherent to the genre, I am pleased to be a contributing member - H.e.m./H'H.


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Hello Everyone, I am a beginner at writing but I do like to write. I am a married mother of three and I work fulltime. I have tried to write in the past but only got so far I need help.


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Hello, Levi - Here, you will graciously encounter, as has been my "site-neophyte" experience, no dearth of help, support, comments, & criticism...all offered in uplifting purpose to further your writing designs, aspirations, enjoyment, & transformation; in short (lol), welcome a-board WF - H.e.m./H'H.
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