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Hello, my name is Pennywyze. It's a nickname given to me by my husband's cousin after he passed away; just in case anyone is wondering "What's up with the name?". A lot of people have thought it has something to do with the Stephen King thriller "IT", but it really doesn't have anything to do with the book or movie. Don't get me wrong, when I grew up, and finally got the courage to watch it, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Anyway, I won't waste anymore time with that. I'm not exactly sure what else...Oh! Wait! I'd like to say that I write mostly in the fantasy genre, and that right now, I'm in the process of writing 2 3-book series. The first series has the main title of "The Day Gypsies Stole Me". BOOK-1 is "Gypsy Lifestyle", BOOK-02 is "Message Journey", and BOOK-03 is "Pepper's Reality". This series is based on my life, and was inspired by my aunt, whom I called Momma Beth, and recently passed away. The second series has the main title of "Interraton, Second Earth". BOOK-01 is "Inhabitants", BOOK-02 is "Take Over", and BOOK-03 is "War".