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(Sept 23, 2007)
Hello all, I'm a new fantasy writer, preparing my first book, Raven's Gift, for self-publication, and working on several sequels. You can learn a lot about me from my somewhat whimsical blog. I'm not allowed to post a URL to my blog yet, but you can find it by searching for "precision-blogging" and "precision blogger." I'm rather passionate about DRM and intellectual property issues, perhaps from spending many years programming computers and playing classical music.

You can hear me on the Internet at radio station WPRB, which has excellent audio feeds. My classical music program, "MasterClassics", is on Tuesdays at 6 A.M. EDT (or EST).

My immediate impetus for registering here is that I'd like to find a name for a writing technique that may have no name. In a few minutes, you can search these forums for "Call it a Rowland?" to find this topic.


Hello and welcome to the forums, tobyr21. Great to have you. Oh, and remember the unspoken rule in my signature. Enjoy!


Ah, the unspoken rule ...

Chris, I was careful to read the unspoken rule without moving my lips.
And thanks for reminding me! Since I've already critiqued something, I've got to post something to critique in return. I shall post an essay of mine called: "Would you like to write a fantasy novel?" in the fiction forum.

A teaser: I point out that in a fantasy world, if you want your characters to curse, you've got to invent at least one religion.


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Welcome, indeed! You say you are a computer programmer. I am an aspiring IT/Software Engineer in college. What computer sorceries do you bring to the party?


Code_Mage, I once programmed a computer that had vacuum tube memory. I joined my profession before there was any way to study it in school. Your question:
"What computer sorceries do you bring to the party?"
is very inspiring to me. I should have a unique perspective on what happens when you mix computing and magic. I shall have to think about this...

Otherwise, I bring no software to the party, but sometime I might write a program useful to writers. Wha's missing?