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intro to jali (1 Viewer)


hello everyone -
I have just joined this site and I am really excited \\:D/, no really. I am addicted to writing and reading, and so this may go some way to feeding my voracious appetite!
I meant that in a good way.
So anyway, I travel, I write, I perform, I read, and I study. I play a lot, act, sing, dance and draw. I sew, heal (nothing weird), and tell stories. Oh, and I am also a clown.
There is more, but my contact lenses are sticking to my eyelids...is this all just too much information? You see how much help I need here, don't you?
See you inside.


Senior Member
You're a clown? Well welcome to a different kind of circus Jali! Loved your poem. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Joanna :)


Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone:clown:
I feel right at home.
Just posted a trickster (bad, bad clown) story in critique called "re: union"...

Thank you for comments JoannaMac.