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Whenever we want something bad enough we tend to figure out a way to get it.

It was a battle of magic.

Look at the mannerisms of the dog, everything from breeding to survival is instincts, I am going to place you in the dog for a moment here.


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Joby was a f*ckboy; all the best things in life were given to him for free.

From the endless void came a brief, blinding light.

God wriggled inside her, beneath his skin.

Terry D

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I want what every man my age wants: a bottle of twenty-year-old scotch, the keys to a '67 Vette, and a foolproof way to kill my wife.

Twenty-two years ago we went on our first date, robbed a Seven-Eleven, killed a cop, and we haven't stopped running since.

Tonight Rodney told me what I have to do and it makes a lot of sense. Surprisingly good advice coming from a turtle.


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All she remembers is falling endlessly and those incessant little voices that came from nowhere.

Dancing through the field of flowers, she suddenly felt hands grip her tight and pull her down, somewhere under the ground, while a silky voice echoed "come be my queen".


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He had the look of a man who could pick his nose and miss, but intelligence has never been the job requisite for a bridge keeper whereas his current display of stubborn belligerence made him a natural at his job.

(2nd chapter 1st sentence from an old short story.)


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Driving home elated over winning what everyone said was a losing case, Calvin light his cigar with great pride over freeing who he knew was an innocent client, until he realized a crucial mistake and knew his defendant's next victim had hours to live.

J Anfinson

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"Today we're going to talk about hell, and before I'm done you'll all get a taste of it," the reverend said, then picked up a knife and strode toward a woman in the front pew.


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We was raised in violence, brought up in the wild woods: You don't know a thing 'til you been alone and struggled to survive.


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Out of the shadows walked the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, so beautiful it was like she was her own light, and as I watched her stunning, shining figure reach out from the expanse of darkness behind her I thought to myself 'Wow. She looks angry, like really angry, I should run," and so I did.

Bit long for an opening sentence, but I'm a fan of long sentences lol.


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The woods bore down on me, suffocating what little air remained as the path before me twisted and split, right or left?
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