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Intro sentences (1 Viewer)

Justin Rocket

Senior Member
Write your best first line for a story.

Here's some examples

"Why don't we just steal it?"

"Through the fog, John could see something stalking him."

"The smell of burned flesh permeated the room."

"Mrs Agatha, Lisa's foster mom, was a mean drunk."
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This isn't how it was supposed to happen...

Like glass from a mirror, the world shattered.

You have never heard silence like the silence of space.

The computer screen flicked to black, a small sphere began bouncing from corner to corner in a hypnotic dance.

Who am I? What am I? Most importantly, why am I? Am I chance? Coincidence? Do I have a purpose, or am I just a pawn? No………. I’m David.


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You asked for one opening line, but of mine none is much more of a favourite than most others. Here is a random sample. Pick one and we'll call it my favourite.

'You've come to watch me die.' - from 'Going Gentle into that Good Night'.

'You're hopeless,' said Bernie. - from 'Out at Sea'.

'Lester always smelled like a wet dog.' - from 'Lester' in Seven Miles on a Dirt Road.

'We'll go to prison.' - from 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'.

'Whenever Ralph came home Papa would start to lock things away - first the whiskey, then whatever he could lay his hands on quick that was worth anything before Ralph got to it and sold it to buy some smoke.' - from 'Ralph' in Seven Miles on a Dirt Road.'

'I dint go to school today on account of I done ate too many collie flowers and caught the dire rear.' - from 'Donky Hodie Road a Hors'.

'It will die.' - from 'Danny's Dog' in Seven Miles on a Dirt Road.

'You're a girl!' said Randy. - from 'Venus in Transit'.


WF Veterans
I've never had a gun held to my head before lunch.

(Not a "Best Of" offering, just a quickie. Every good opening line is "good" for different reasons, some that may have to do with the tone being set for the story or specifics desired by the genre's audience.)

Bilston Blue

WF Veterans
A long opening sentence from one of my works in progress, provisionally titled The Distant Rumble of Aneurin Bevan Turning in his Grave:

Waiting for his mother’s return from a treatment session designed to reduce arthritic swelling in her hands, which included the injection of steroids into pinched carpal tunnels, Delaney was more concerned than he thought healthy at having to sit at the wrong (i.e., window, not aisle) end of a row of seats in a waiting area which resembled in its layout if not dimensions an aeroplane's passenger cabin.


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'The mourning period was over.'

'"Honestly Gerald, you're such a charmer."'

'I was walking down the road when I saw two men staring at me like the horizon on the back of a wasteland.'

A couple of those come from my A level Creative Writing coursework.


CoF Challenge Host
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Sometimes, it pretty well sucks being The Official Ferryman Of The Underworld. I know, I know, the title sounds good and all. Lots of prestige involved, right? Well, not so much as you might think.

Terry D

Retired Supervisor
Here are three off the top of my head;

Trevor never thought much about his looks. Never thought much about his face at all, until the day he looked into the mirror and saw it melting.

“I got two words for ya,” the guy pointing the Glock at his face said. “Run. Now.”

The worst thing about being in the hospital was all the damned spiders.


Senior Member
Jaeger Logan punched his office wall, creating a hole that close to the hole he'd fisted into the wall earlier that day.


This is the opening line from a Halloween feature I wrote a couple years ago. (LeRoy Independent News)

After a devastating car accident and a near death experience, a young Minnesota woman fell under attack by evil spirits, suffering from headaches and “seeing things."