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and writing bad fiction is my game. Hey all. Some things I still like, but other things I dislike the most. I used to love politics until I realized how toxic it all was. I used to love the Dolphins until Dan Marino got screwed over by that franchise. I used to like JJ Abrams until 2009. BUT, I still love reading. I still love writing my crappy fiction. I still love good movies. I still love a great Merlot or Cabernet. I still play RBI Baseball circa 1990. I still love oranges and a good, strong coffee.

So yeah. I'm also 42 years young or old however you like - meaning I'm not a fit for YA - at all. I'm mostly more into science-fiction, classic literature, high concept stories, and some fantasy. I'm definitely not a good fit for either YA or pure romance. I try and keep an open mind though. And try my best to keep quality, actual quality. Feel free to comment or not. Whatever floats your boat.
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Welcome, Jesse.

I came to the same conclusion about politics many years ago -- and I've rarely had a better night's sleep than all the ones I've had since then.

Whatever your genre, we got you covered. Come in, take a load off, and welcome to WF.