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Intro induction (1 Viewer)

I'm GWG, I blog a lot, write various stories I don't seem to finish and I enjoy both. I have joined numerous forums. Sometimes I stay and become an active participant and other times I don't and become a ghost.

I have not found an exact fit in regards to a forum for writers that has a lot of activity where I can get some good solid advice and constructive criticism. Hopefully I've found it here.

Cliche comment in one second...

I am not the best writer in the world, which I'm sure is not a unique proclamation, but in my case I'm not being humble or fishing for compliments...I indeed am not the best writer in the world.

However, it's writing it my best attribute so of course I'd like to get better at it and most of all I'd like a amass a full and complete body of work consisting of a few manuscripts (before I die).

Well that's the skinny on me. To summarize, I write a lot and the more constructive advice and critique the better. I am thinned skinned (a crippling piscean trait) but I'll get over it, so be honest and thanks in advance.


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Hello there and let me be the first to welcome you to the forum, GWG. I hope you will have fun and make some new friends here. There's an unspoken rule here too; critique and the favour will be returned to you :)

Have fun!

~ Shinn
Thank you, both, for the welcome.

I will say, though, that I usually don't critique others for a couple of reasons. One, it makes me slightly uncomfortable and two it causes me to agonize and compare my own writing style which leads to wallowing and then I can't write for a while because I'm over-thinking everything.

I wish that wasn't the case, but once again, I'd rather be honest than not.

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It's up to you, GWG--but in writer society, it's polite to critique others before you ask for critiques yourself.

Also, critiquing others genuinely improves your writing. Because looking at other people's mistakes helps you avoid them yourself.


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Hello and welcome! I feel the same way about critiquing others, but I didn't think it was considered 'impolite' not to critique. :???: Hm...well, welcome anyway. :smile:


Hello and welcome to the community, GWG. Just to say. This is very much a 'give and take' forum, meaning to get critiques/comments on your work, you have to give 'em. Enjoy!
Thanks for the welcome. Actually it's really an issue for me to critique and I'm just being honest about it. I thought it best rather than post something and seem selfish and narcissistic. I simply don't feel comfortable doing it and if I absolutely had to, to in kind get help and advice for others that would seem to be counter-productive. I would think that people wanted honest well thought out advice and critique from people who 'enjoy' doing it and feel they can help another.

Does that make sense. In any case, not trying to ruffle any feathers and I do respect those whom may disagree with my stance.