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intrest draining vs interest recharging (1 Viewer)


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I was looking into some videos that say that you shouldn't manage your time. you should manage your energy. I have learned that there are possibly four types of energy.... physical... mental.. spiritual{not religious}... and emotional... I was curious to if any has noticed that there are two kinds of things that interest you.. things that drain your mental energy.. and things that charge your mental energy... just curious to peoples thoughts on this.


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Music, exercise, and when vitamin D is low I take it which it is now the case for me and due to lack of sunlight being at home. Vitamin b12 as well helps me. You need to check your levels of each. Too much vitamin D and too little is bad. Ask your doctor you regularly go see to do a blood test and to recommend how long you can take each. Beware of coronavirus while doing blood tests. So do it somewhere safe.

For exercise use a cellphone to connect it to youtube (any service for music streaming). It's the cheapest way to listen to music and to exercise at the same time since it is portable. Everyone seems to have one. Or borrow someone's cellphone. Your mother will probably want to help you in this regard.

Music is for when you want to enliven your mood. Albert Einstein once said, "music relaxes". If you want to exercise, have trouble doing ordinary chores music will help you. If you want to do everything. Since the disease takes away the energy from you, play music and you can do this everyday you for example feel without energy to brush your teeth.

Hobbies are for when you are bored when your mood can become depressed because of not doing anything.

If nothing is working with hobbies go to an occupational therapist if your insurance covers it. This could also help you socialize and make friends with people. It's also a good opportunity to make "permanent" friends.

Find social workers who are professionals to find recommendations for whatever your needs if covered by insurance. You might need a reference from the psychiatrist you see to be covered by insurance. These help with vocational skills. I once recommended you that you could work by learning new skills. In Virginia there are free services everywhere nonprofit and paid for by the government in libraries. Maybe the libraries where you live also have a similar service. Maybe they can teach you something with regards to getting a job for example repairing computers. (simple maintenance services such as reinstalling windows which you could earn a certificate which I forget the name of the examination) Some places offer it for free at schools. Schools also have non-profit services.

The computer course requires no university and you can always find a class somewhere for very cheap. Some jobs you can find are at a Best Buy. I knew someone who was employed there with that certificate. There's a book you have to study. But it's been a long time since there. I would google how to prepare for the exam.

It's called A++ certification.


Depending on if you can get a job I would volunteer as a library assistant. Then the psychiatrist can monitor your symptoms and hopefully if you prepare yourself you can get paid more money. And maybe you can work using that certification. They could hire you based on the previous reference of library assistant volunteer. It's tough being a writer without a library. In addition, you can watch movies by borrowing movies.

That's assuming your parents can support your decision. To maintain a stable mood remember the medicine doesn't do everything. It's all step by step or baby steps. Depending on how you do your psychiatrist can recommend all these things, but it must be taking the advice of a psychiatrist. How else will you know if you are ready for a job? Your psychiatrist must interpret your symptoms and health first before you do something ambitious such as maybe taking a job at a Best Buy. But you can also be employed at a computer repair shop. That's a small business that is always in demand. So you can get a job there.

I said maybe because you need to make sure you don't hallucinate when working. Which leads to depression if untreated. Also, stress can impact how much work you do. But still it is something to take it mind for the future.

Also if you suffer from ocd. It's difficult to control the impulses, and I dont know how. It depends on how much responsibility you want to have.

If you have spare money over I recommend you buy some books that deal with how to manage your diagnosis. But this is decent advice I am giving I'd hope. It's backed by experience only but I am also a mental patient.
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