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Interview with your MC (1 Viewer)


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Meet my MC Sam, a 17 year old girl surviving in the aftermath of the collapse of the U.S.

1. There's no point in using this opportunity to talk to living people. All the ones I know are fairly close. I think I would want to talk to my parents. The thought of having to see them again terrifies me, but I'd want them to know that what I did, it was for the best. I just hope they forgive me. I don't think they will.
2. Interesting question, but the answer is that I would drive on. Before the apocalypse I'd be worried that I would end up inspiring an episode of Criminal Minds, nowadays It's very difficult to trust people. Even the ones you think you know.
3. Parallel universes? Yeah, those are cool. Aren't they, like, universes that are similar to our own but are different in any way imaginable. Man, if they were real I'd hop my way over to a universe where I get to have my own house in the mountains, with a fast WiFi connection, of course.
4. Before the apocalypse we had two cats. They disappeared in the first winter. I only hope they're still out there. Maybe they went south, to mexico. Completely irrational, I know. Now I have a dog that I found. His name is Marx, and he's a German shepherd dog. He's blind in one eye and has very little remaining of his left ear. He's well-trained though and very loyal. I'm not sure he could be called a pet, he pretty much pulls his own weight and takes more care of me than I do him. I'd call him a friend.
5. Oh, you're talking about Matt? Shoot, There's a lot of things I find annoying about him. We could write a whole book about the various ways he annoys me. I'll just list three. One, he is never serious. Two, His annoying smile. Three, I love him.

My questions:
1. What's your favourite music genre?
2. Are you computer literate?
3. Where do you call home?
4. What is something you never leave home without?
5. Favourite colour?


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Corporal Garret Dwight 28 year old (From a current Work In Progress current titled 'Name suggestions? First Devoted Writing'
What is your favorite music genre?

Anything before the 3070s

are you computer literate?

What's a computer? When the hell are you people from?!
Where do you call home?

The proud Flagship of the United Empires, The Colossus!

What is something you never leave home without?

My pistol and my blade. Those Hex Rebels can pop out of no where, they're like The Leviathan! Poppin out of the sand and screwing you over!

Favorite color?

Crimson. Get that United Empires pride going.

My questions:
1. When are you from?
2. How do you feel about endless miles of sand?
3. Most closely kept secret?
4. How would you react to everyone you cherished being put to the blade?
5. What are your thoughts on inter-dimensional travel?
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1. When are you from?
Third Era Sersteen. It was somewhere along the opposing side of the mountain where current Sersteen is now. Perhaps I'm the last remaining soul who knows of its location.

2. How do you feel about endless miles of sand?
what, you mean Serbane? it's a horrible place with horrible people. the same can be said about anything off-continent. Who would be so foolish to attempt life in the Sands anyway?

3. Most closely kept secret?
My first love, Gable. I'm pretty sure she was with child before her death.

4. How would you react to everyone you cherished being put to the blade? Well, I would attempt to save them! Show me someone who would do any differently, and I'll prove them worthy of death themselves.

5. What are your thoughts on inter-dimensional travel?
it'll be used in war before the end of the Era. you will see. I won't be there to stop it this time.

next questions:
1. What do you contemplate most often?
2. what is the easiest way for someone to earn your respect?
3. what is the wisest use for a large sum of money?
4. would you die for your country?
5. What, in your opinion, is the ideal weapon?
Ricky (from The Truly Immortal Mr. Capriccio)

1. I don't 'contemplate' a whole lot. *laughs* Recently, I guess, I've been strategizing over how to track down that Jinks bastard. If you're thinking more personal, I occasionally wonder what my father would think, if he saw me now.

2. By cutting to the chase, and not bullshitting around.

3. That's a question for Kim, not me.

4. Sure, for what's left of it. *laughs again*

5. Shotgun. Loaded with silver.

Next Questions:

1. What is the last song you listened to?

2. If you could choose, how would you want to die?

3. Whom do you trust most?

4. What do you consider to be your strongest points? Weakest?

5. What principle would you stand for no matter what?


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Tanith March, theater director of my current WIP, Perfect Match

1: Insensitive, Jan Arden

2: Like the Highlander, in whatever way lets me return to life.

3: The rat that once lived beneath the stage floor.

4: I'll do anything to keep my theater up and running, which sadly includes putting up with and tending to all the baggage that comes with the position. This would include the adorably racist old man who volunteers his time as a ticket collector and window washer but does little to nothing else of use.

5: You could say loyalty is as much a curse as it is a virtue. See the rat beneath the floorboards. It saved my life once and now it lives with me. Go figure.

My questions:

1: What song lyric sums up your philosophy on life?

2: You don't want to meet your friend's new baby. How do you get out of it?

3: What would you be doing for a job if you weren't doing what you absolutely had to do now?

4: On your daily commute you see something at a garage sale that you would break laws to obtain. What is it?

5: How would you describe the weather?

Dave Watson

WF Veterans
Adonias Lowe - 19th century ex bounty hunter and all round badass

1 - Let the bodies hit the floor.
2 - I tell my friend I've got a job with the Pinkerton Agency tracking renegade Cree scalpers in the High Sierras.
3 - Back fighting with my unit in the Union Army. Death to General Lee!
4 - A new Sharps rifle.
5 - Hot, thundery, with the potential for extreme violence.

1 - Your three desert island discs?
2 - What's your career highlight to date?
3 - Where do you see yourself in five years?
4 - Your personal hero or inspiration?
5 - Thoughts on religion?


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Lady Verriel, a knight and dragon slayer.

1 - Headstrong - Trapt, Battlefield - Jordan Sparks, Hunter - Heather Dale
2 - Slaying a dragon while rescuing a prince.
3 - Raising dragons as well as my children.
4 - My father who sacrificed himself to save someone.
5 - I believe in it but I feel many members of religion can be more judgemental than need.

1. Do you have a crush on anyone?
2. Favorite food?
3. What is a not well known hobby of yours?
4. The ability to fly or breathe under water? Why?
5. Do you have a favorite childhood memory? What is it?


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Mercury Moore. Art student who loves painting and being deep and moody.

  1. Lottie Blake. She is lavender if lavender was a person.
  2. Dark chocolate. It’s bittersweet just like my life.
  3. I got good at playing the harmonica. I don’t do it much now. But when I was younger, it was something to fill the silence.
  4. Breathe underwater. I don’t like heights. Underwater is peaceful.
  5. When I was 10, we were renting a flat in the countryside. It was a hot day and my mum took me blackberry picking. By the end our hands and teeth were stained purple. I remember her from afar, holding buckets overflowing with blackberries, gazing up at the impossibly blue sky. The sun made her hair glow bronze. She looked happy. I felt that finally, we had found a home.


  1. What would your dream place to live look like?
  2. In your opinion, what is the worst non-criminal thing somebody could do?
  3. If you had 1 million (insert the relevant currency) what would you do with it?
  4. What single word best describes you?
  5. What is your favourite smell?
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I'm gonna resurrect this thread because I love character interviews
my MC: Michel Kidd (image attached). Mechanic from rural South Dakota, loves the desert, westerns, and motorcycles. Also she has fire-related powers.

michel and jaz (2).jpg

1. *laughs* Nowhere. I'll just stay on the road my whole life.
2. Well, it's still legal to kill babies in my state, so I'd have to go with that.
3. I'd give it to my momma. She'd know what to do with it.
4. Loyal.
5. Easy. Stale cigarettes and gasoline. That's what my dad smells like.

1. Do you believe in ghosts?
2. Favorite movie?
3. What's your sense of humor?
4. What traits do you want in a romantic partner?
5. If you could live forever, would you and why?


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Lane, 30-something with a smart mouth, trying to keep her ranch afloat after the death of her husband.

1. Do you believe in ghosts?

To some degree. I thought I saw my mama right after she died when I was 11.

2. Favorite movie?

Quigley Down Under. Though anything with Tom Selleck is good.

3. What's your sense of humor?

Ha! Sarcastic with a side of bitchy.

4. What traits do you want in a romantic partner?

Honesty. Loyalty. Work ethic. Good in the sack doesn't hurt.

5. If you could live forever, would you and why?

Nah. I figure the good Lord put an expiration date on us for a reason. Besides - I got too many loved ones in Heaven I wanna see someday. If I make it, that is.

1. What's your favorite song lyric?
2. What's your favorite childhood memory?
3. Love or money?
4. Family or fame?
5. What's your reason for getting up in the morning?

James Wolfe

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Note: These answers are going to be post-story, as in the events already happened. so, uh spoilers. :p

(Let me get into character here.... clears throat)

Greetings, I am Empress Kristol, Leader of the Avytorean Empire, feel free to ask me any question.

1. What's your favorite song lyric?
Aside from the Ballad of King Iatiten, which is about my father, I would say the Legend of King Marcavii, the second King of Tirvuk, who was loved by his people and feared by his enemies, he also married three women, though they were triplets.

2. What's your favorite childhood memory?

Exploring my first Xylthean ruin, at the end of my Ancestor, King Constantine's, Quest. discovering the massive Iron-serpents that could carry hundreds across the lands, back and fourth.

3. Love or money?

Love! and Roasted Rabbit, I mean I have all the money I would ever need, as an Empress. But my beloved General Maxenious is always there for me, dedicated, loyal and ready to die for me on a moment's notice. Not to mention he's pretty good in... (pauses as she clears throat) ... oh, excuse me got carried away.

4. Family or fame?

Family! after all I am an Empress, I am pretty much the number one lady in my nation, but anyone so much as harms a single hair on any of my family, especially my children and they'll see what kind of wrath I can unleash on them, they will be banging on the gates of hell to get away from me. Even Tyrell himself couldn't stop me from enacting my revenge. (recomposes herself), Forgive me... go on.

5. What's your reason for getting up in the morning?
My Empire, I built with these hands (raises hands as she clenches them). To watch it prosper, it's citizens, my fellow citizens go about their days, doing their part to help the Empire Prosper. The beautiful smiles on my children, being in my husband's arms, walking the line of troops as I inspect them. Of course the occasional roasted rabbit doesn't hurt, nor battles against the Empire's enemies.

Any ways... I really must go.

(Out of character)

alright my turn...

1. Who inspired you or do you look up to, why do you do what you do?
2. What is your favorite meal or snack?
3. If you could meet another character from any other story, movie, Video game, who would it be?
4. What is your greatest fear?
5. What is your greatest hope?


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1. Who inspired you or do you look up to, why do you do what you do?

Melancholy smile, downward gaze into the ground.

Hmm. Those are interesting questions.

Without a doubt, the person who inspires me most to this day is my wife, Alicia. She...(ahem) is no longer with us. I buried her in the town we met, called Broken Hills, way back down in the NCR, surrounded by the people she considered her friends and family. Her real family never approved of me much, and honestly, I can't blame them. But her aunt and I got along really well.

Alicia taught me that life is beautiful, that there's more to the Wasteland than just pain, sorrow, misery and personal gain. She somehow managed to open a locked door I didn't even know I had. She showed me that things like love, happiness, and joy do exist, that they're the one thing worth fighting for.

Sigh. I wish I could say I kept her safe. I wish I could say I kept her alive. But in spite of my best efforts, she...well, something I thought I'd gotten away from caught up to me. And her. The bullets were meant for me, but instead they...(deep breath) they tore through her instead. I made the bastard pay, stabbed him right in the kidneys and stomach, let him die out slowly. That sorry sack of shit had the audacity to smile. Said...well, frankly, if you don't mind, I'd rather not talk about the rest. It's too painful for me. I'm sorry.

The second part of that question ties in with the first. Before I met Alicia I was...well, there's no other way to put it. I was a killer. I was a thief. I was a hunter. I ran with a group of childhood friends because, frankly, we had no where else to go. We were all we had.

Most of us started out in small settlements scattered across the Wasteland, like most people. We weren't maybe but fifty to sixty miles outside of Chicago. Turns out, during that time, the Brotherhood of Steel came in on an airship. I never saw the thing, but apparently other people in our group did. Around the time I was twelve, a large group of gangs and raiders all banded together and called themselves the North Wind. The Brotherhood had taken most of their turf and turned it into farmland and outposts. The gangs weren't having that.

I was brought in because these gangs began going from village to village with heavy weight. Every small village they came across basically had a choice -- either join forces and send all the young boys their way for recruitment, or be killed on the spot and have everything taken as loot. Some settlements fought back. Ours did not. The gangs promised them that they would share resources equally. Whether they did or not I never found out, but I doubt they ever did.

Pause. That would be the last time I'd ever see my family.

We were brought in on wagons. Made us sleep in a big dark warehouse when we got to Chicago. The next day, they came and beat us with sticks and rods. They yelled at us constantly, shouted things like, "Your parents have forgotten about you", "We are your family, now". Some of the boys cried. I almost cried. But those that cried were beaten harder. I managed to keep my cool, but I was scared shitless.

Anyway, don't mean to drag this on, but long story short, they turned us into soldiers. I was fortunate enough to be under the command of Commander Cody. Commander Cody was good. No, actually, he was the best. He was like an older brother. He taught us everything and then had us practice on live targets. The first man I killed was a prisoner taken from one of the settlements who fought back. I shot him three times and watched his body go limp. We became the very thing they wanted us to be -- killers, thieves, warriors. I got pretty good. Hell, we all got pretty good. Commander Cody taught us that if you wanted to survive, you had to be the best at what you were did, and...well, my team became the best.

What happened after is a long story, but suffice it to say that I was good at killing. Eventually I managed to break free from that, but when it came to survival, navigation, shooting, tracking, well, I took jobs like bodyguard and caravanner.

I worked the caravans when I met Alicia. It's also what I did after we got married. I vowed I would never take a life again unless it was self-defense. For what it's worth, I'm happy to say I kept that promise.

Too bad it wasn't enough to keep her safe...

Melancholy stare towards the ground.

2. What is your favorite meal or snack?

In Chicago we made pizza and Philly Brahmin Cheesesoup. What I wouldn't give for another taste.

Here on the West Coast, they have all sorts of concoctions, especially as you get further north. I'd have to say the recipe for what The Cove calls "Funeral Tatoes" is pretty good.

3. If you could meet another character from any other story, movie, Video game, who would it be?

Honest answer I couldn't read much until I met Alicia. Alicia taught me how to read. Well, read better. She had a small collection, most of them romance novels. But she also had a number of pre-war detective novels that I came to enjoy. I suppose if I could live in someone else's world, it'd be that of Stanley Stenslin, pre-war detective extraordinaire and occasional womanizer.

4. What is your greatest fear?

I have unfinished business back in Chicago that still remembers who I am. The fact that one of them made it all the way to the NCR tells me they're serious. Crazy Captain Fucking Jack, the man I once considered my best friend, still hasn't forgiven me for what happened. Can't say I don't know where he's coming from. But he was the one who killed Maleka, not me. In his blind rage, he killed the one thing he loved aside from his mother. Now he's blaming me for it, even though I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He's missing an eye because of it -- I had no choice. He'd have killed me if I didn't get him off me. But Alicia's death tells me he still remembers. And he may be a lot closer than I originally thought.

Don't get me wrong, if he shows up, I'll be as ready as I ever am. He doesn't scare me, nor do any of the cronies I used to call friends.

But I made a promise to Alicia, that, no matter what, I would keep our daughter safe.

My biggest fear isn't what he could do to me. My biggest fear is what he could do if he ever got his hands on Edie.

Neither nuke, hell, or high water could stop me if that ever happened. I'll kill every last one of them if they so much as come within a hundred feet of us.

I, too, have not forgotten.

5. What is your greatest hope?

That my daughter goes on to live a long life in a world that's better than the one I grew up in. If she wants to marry, I hope she meets someone just as good as her mother was for me. I hope every dream, whatever it may be, great or small will come true for her in some way.

And, most of all, I hope she learns what it is to be loved, and to feel love.

That, I've learned, is the one thing worth fighting for.

New Questions:

1. What is the origin of your name?
2. What do you believe is the most important thing a person can have?
3. What's your preferred method of transportation?
4. Describe your ultimate relaxation getaway.
5. Would you have made any different choices in life knowing what you know now?


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"Hi, this is Dawn. I'm sorry, I'm not available at the...[CLICK] Oh, Eric, it's you! What, you've got some more questions for me? Okay, I've got a little time; the railroad police office wants me in at seven today. By the way, what are you doing up so early?"

1. What is the origin of your name?

"Okay, the origin of my name? Well, you have to understand that among ourselves we angels don't really use names the same way you humans do. We can meet another angel and look back along his or her timeline, see major events, and the distinguishing markers that set one soul apart from another, as naturally and casually as you smile at someone's face. I mean, there are so many of we angels...I'd have to use scientific notation to make the number fit on less than one page...that a simple subset of a few letters, especially if they have outside meaning, doesn't offer nearly the number of combinations we would need. I mean, there would be quadrillions of quadrillions of 'Dawns' out there if we all had to pick and use a human name.

"But we don't, except for the small subset of us who are, let's say, 'human fans' and really, really want to work closely with the human world. And so we just pick one. Kind of how we just pick a body; I sculpted this one less than thirty years ago after I realized that my kid Michael really liked the look of that pretty Christmas ornament that his grandmother gave the family. I've made a few 'tweaks' here and there, but I've always been partial to long, flowing blonde hair and...well, shall we say, fuller figures? My dear friend Ariel teases me about that last after she had to wear my body a few months ago. But I've already told you that story.

"Oh, back to my name? Well, for my early training I was working with what you would call the ancient Greeks. And, while I never actually got to set foot in the human world, I got close enough for a couple of them to glimpse me in dreams. There was this one cute little girl who caught a clearer look than most, and when she woke up she told her mother, (free translation), 'Mommy, I saw Eos last night!' My trainers teased me about that, a little, but I knew that I had to pick a human name eventually and I felt that being mistaken for the rosy-cheeked goddess of the morning was actually a kind of compliment! About two thousand years later, when I was finally picked to join a human-world team in what you recognize as late fourteenth-century England, I translated that as the Old English word 'Dawn'.

"As for the surname...well, when Ariel and Nathan and Philip and their team were scrambling to fill in my back story in a way which would stand up to at least casual scrutiny, Philip realized that, if I had supposedly been the one who picked Michael up from the visit to the emergency room we were fabricating, it would be best if I could claim a connection as a family relative. And Michael's aunt Mary had been married to Thomas Mitchell up in Kalispell before they both passed away just a few years back. They had no children, so Philip thought it might work well to give them one. So I became 'Dawn Mitchell'. He picked my middle name from Mike's maternal grandmother Marie. So that's what's on my driver's license and police ID card, 'Dawn Marie Mitchell'. Phil really is an artist in these matters."

2. What do you believe is the most important thing a person can have?

"The most important thing a person can have? Seriously, what do you expect an angel to say to that? A relationship with God, of course! And, yes, I know that for you it seems to be a one-way thing. Truth be told, at times it's felt a bit one-way to me as well. Such as when I was being held by those demons? You'd better believe that I was wanting him to say, 'Times up!' and break through to rescue me! But I understood, and I hope that you understand now, that the question is bigger than simply you and me. It's treated almost as a throwaway line, when Peter said that God was not slack concerning his promises but being patient because he's not willing that any should perish but that all would come to repentance. But it's true, and 'all' really does mean ALL.

"You see, what I've been learning in just these past few months is that there are just so, so many possibilities and alternate realities out there. One for each one of us, you ask me? HA! I'm talking trillions upon trillions for each one of us! Most are echoes of 'what could have been', choices not made, or perhaps others have made choices which drew them farther away from yours so that you lost sight of each other. He thinks that she 'died', she thinks that he 'died', when actually they're following different threads. Some might lead closer to where you and I think they should go, some may lead farther away, but with enough persistence and enough effort it will eventually be possible to follow all of them to the point where you can winnow the chaff down and connect with that true, individual core personality...what you call the 'soul'.

"What also happens, many many times, is that the enemy 'counterfeits' a soul. You think you're dealing with her, she thinks she's dealing with you, but there's a 'man in the middle' counterfeiting you both. And, since he has both of you to draw upon for genuine source material, he can really make that counterfeit convincing. But eventually he splits you apart, and you say, 'That's not the same woman I used to know.' Know what? You're right! And, from her corner of Reality, she's saying exactly the same thing about you. The good news is that sometimes it's possible to reconnect, to push past that wedge and regain contact with each other. Sometimes, unfortunately, it's not, especially when one side or the other finally gives up.

"That's really the enemy's ultimate objective, to wedge in some way between each and every soul. You think you're seeing them, but you're only seeing echoes of them...until the day that you're actually isolated into a world all by yourself. Then the enemy's plan is to snap you off from all other souls and, with you completely isolated, apply pressure until you snap. That 'pressure' may take the form of physical pain, financial stress, even classic hellfire and damnation. But the goal is to get you to give up. If you stop even trying to reach out and connect with others...well, Eric, you've been at sea. You know that when you're trying to find a ship in distress in a storm, it's a whole lot easier if they keep transmitting.

"The good news is that a genuine decision to want to know and to follow God, the true God, can only originate from the core of the personality, the soul. Echoes will reflect it, but they can't originate it. A counterfeit can pretend it but not mean it...but we've found that somewhere behind each counterfeit who does that is a soul that does mean it but is being 'hidden in the basement' by the enemy. So when we see it, even from a counterfeit, it gives us clues as to where to dig. Ultimately...I'm talking long term here...every such track will ultimately lead to a genuine individual soul. And from them, perhaps to others."

3. What's your preferred method of transportation?

"I like 'em all! Teleportation, flying...not just with my wings; did I tell you that I'm taking flying lessons in a plane down at the airport?...driving, sailing...why, I even like a long walk in the morning! Reminds me that we need to finish this up so I can get ready for work! But, if I had to take a short trip of modest length, say from here in Houston to St. Louis or Chicago, I'd take the overnight train in a sleeping room. It's just fun to know you're accomplishing something useful, getting from point A to point B, while you snooze...and someone else does the driving!

4. Describe your ultimate relaxation getaway.

Low chuckle. "I've already told you about Heaven! But some of you have the wrong ideas about that. Yes, it's true, there's what amounts to a continuous ongoing 'pep rally' around the Throne. But there's so much more than that! I like to facet out and go snow skiing on a nearby world we call Acropolis...lots of fun when you can ski uphill!...shapeshift into the body of a dolphin and go for a long swim, or just lie on a beach and work on my tan. There's also things which we've copied from Earth, amusement parks and museums and the like. But while I'm here on Earth, I think I'd like to talk Michael into breaking out the Coleman stove and the tent and just go camping in a place like Yellowstone. For a night or two. After that, though...well, aren't hotels wonderful?!"

5. Would you have made any different choices in life knowing what you know now?

"No. And I mean that sincerely. Sure, I'd like to have missed the pain of being tortured by Dravang and his minions...but look what it led to! I actually get to be here, in the human world, living and working with you one on one! You know, I'm learning now that the same applies to you too. Remember what I said about the trillions upon trillions of alternate realities for each and every one of us? Now, think of that in the context of the old saw of 'your life flashing before your eyes' as you face death. What's actually happening is that your soul is replaying the multitude of break points, over and over and over again. You're reaffirming and reinforcing the choices you made which led you up to that moment. If there's something that really, in your heart of hearts, you wished was different...well, it is! And then you wake up saying, "Wow, that was a bad dream!" and the situation you face is completely different. But, if you ratify every choice which did lead you up to that point, then you break on through to what comes next. I for one am happy with the choices I've made. I look forward to seeing what comes next!"

Questions to pass on to the next character:

1. Let me know something about your favorite music. Genres, eras, styles, artists, songs. You don't have to limit it to one or two; you can love classical and classic rock without being inconsistent.

2. If you had the choice between waking up early and watching the sun rise, or waking up late as the sun set and then watching the moon and stars for hours on end, which would you choose?

3. Have you ever deeply loved someone and felt for a time that your love was reciprocated, only to find later that it was ultimately unrequited? If so, how did you deal with it? Is your heart open to someone new?

4. There have been lists of the 'seven natural wonders of the world' as well as the 'seven human wonders of the world'. What are your top three choices in both categories (natural and man-made)?

5. If you could live somewhere in our world, in our reality, and be known publicly as your character identity with all that entails (publicity, etc.), where would you choose and why?