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Interesting Article about ROOKIE MARKETING MISTAKES by authors (1 Viewer)

Hi Mikeyboy, thanks for the link. Some good tips in there re giving away som ebooks, not starting too wide and requesting reviews. Any idea what a street team is or how to start one?
Which were the ones you didn't agree with?


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I disagree with #5... I don't think its a problem going wide right away as that is what I've done with my 3 books. I recently put my 2 oldest books (now 2 years old) into the KU program/no longer wide... not really a big difference in my sales/royalties so far.

I discuss what to do with a street team a little bit in this post... https://www.writingforums.com/threads/181974-10-Ways-to-Get-Book-Reviews!?p=2211319#post2211319

As far as starting one, I think the best advice is to build your email list and a following of fans via social media and then ask them if they want to join your Street Team. Good luck!

Chris Stevenson

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I'm primarily trade published and I have yet to see a small press get it in gear and start marketing or pre-orders well enough in advance to be effective. I swear, they think two weeks, or at the most three weeks, is plenty of time. It's not. You need finished copies in hand to send to reviewers. Many reviewers won't take ARCs. Publishers usually have a pre-determined list they send review requests to. It could be a dozen or so, and then that's it. From there on out it's up to you. Being trade published also means I don't have any control over freebies or price drops, which can really hurt sales. If you don't offer specials, you'll be passed over by people looking for bargains (especially from author they haven't hear of before.

Now, here's a little tidbit: Do you watch free movies on Youtube and other free channels? Do you watch docs or bios on writers or listen to writing discussions? Well, there are most times a comment section. You can make a relevant comment and then sign off the comment with "Your name--author of your book title." It kind of gives you a little authority--it's really a sneaky little plug. And so far I haven't gotten in trouble doing this. Don't leave a link! Just your name and title.