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Intelligent Reading
This is an intelligent essay with a lengthy introduction which you could skip to go straight onto the essay if you are that sort of person.
If I make a point on anything it is likely I will be contradicted by at least one person in this forum simply because we are all individuals and unique. Most of us are independent people with our own opinions and growing intelligence. Most of us are capable of forming an opinion and arguing for it, even if it's on topics we don't know much about. The one thing that cannot be argued over are Facts. A Fact is something like a coin has two sides, something that simply cannot be argued over because it fits into the laws of science and maths, themselves only our way of explaining our Universe, like religion.
Therefore in an area where I can be contradicted I have to try and deal in Absolute Truths. The following essay concerns itself as much as possible with Absolute Truths which I use to try and prove my points and raise ones you may not be aware of. Knowledge is the reason we have gained control of this planet, ruthlessly murdering our furry opposition and continuing to gather as much knowledge for ourselves as individuals so we hold an advantage. Not Science or Academic Knowledge as such but something called Clear Thinking.
This is being able to identify with every aspect of something, not just the event or thing itself but understanding every aspect, the scientific, philosophical and moral sides as well as the likely after-effects. Imagine if you understood every effect, every angle, all the events leading up to and following something as well as the action itself you would hold such an incredible and useful skill. We make decisions every day on how we choose to live our lives; if we could apply Clear Thinking to our lives we could live them in the most useful way possible.
I may be losing you a little so back to the essay. It is not for the casual reader and although it should be readable by anyone it requires intelligence. It is the first chapter of a much larger work called "The Book of Logic" and this chapter is called "The Forgotten Lands". I wrote it when I was 15 (which was six months ago) so it should be readable by teenagers and older. It has the potential to be life changing but when you look at it: what doesn't?
A while back a bullet killed a man called Fraz Ferdinand and started a World War. We could fire ten million bullets in our lifetime so theoretically what we have the Potential to do is genuinely incredible but only men like Einstein come close to fulfilling their Full Potential. While we can never realise the full possibilities we can do a lot of things that have a massive effect for other people. We can save or end human life. We can spread knowledge and charity ideals or we can preach hatred and racism. It is a matter of choice unless fate intervenes but that doesn't count because it is something we can't control.
Generally outside influences like social trends, peer pressure and general distractions prevent us from fulfilling our Full Potential but by writing this I hope to provide the catalyst for a number of people to think deeper. It is limited by my own mental and literate skill but hopefully will have an effect. After the Essay we can lose ourselves in discussions and debate which will hopefully be mutually beneficial. But I've gone on enough; you'll probably approach the essay now with high expectations and an intelligent mind.
This essay is called: The Forgotten Lands
The Forgotten Lands
Approximately 5,000 lifetimes have gone into the making of Modern Britain from primitive man to you. Each person alive in the world has at least 3,000 human ancestors and millions and billions of other ancestors. Yet we would know no more than 2-20. The rest have been forgotten into the mire of history, when you die will people remember your name? You will be nothing more than a forgotten shadow unless you do something to make yourself remembered.
Your chances of being known hundreds of years from now are slim to say the least. Britain's first true king Cerdic lived 300 years before Alfred but his name is only known to me and a few other uninteresting people. Yet were it not for his courage we could be the descendants of Germans or Danes. Thanks to his courage we are an English speaking people but do the English honour his bravery?
Chaos Theory states that "the beat of a butterfly's wings can cause a typhoon on the other side of the planet" and so it is with life. Life is random, we try to find order where there previously was none through religion and Maths because the randomness scares us. Where will death strike next? Will I die before I can post this on this forum? Apparently not but history is full of tantalising what-ifs. What if the bomb on Hitler's plane had exploded? What if the bullets fired at Kennedy had missed, would millions have died in Vietnam? An individual's actions can change the world for millions of years to come. Look at Jesus, Mohammed.
Jesus was a gifted speaker and religious genius. In three years he created a religion that would bring hope and charity to hundreds of millions, even billions. Mohammed founded one of the world's greatest religions. The most insignificant can change empires or bring new hope and I could quote literally thousands of examples from history. Jesus Christ, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte and Josef Stalin all came from the masses, people who took the decision to follow their own paths. Hitler was a failed artistic hobo who became the greatest cult figure in the last hundred years.
But if you take the average person of history, what do they know about the importance of the past? The papers eagerly brandish figures attacking the government showing our ignorance of history which is seconded only by our ignorance of its importance. Everything that has already happened has happened before in a different form. You have had someone with exactly the same personality and thinking patterns who merely lived in a different time.
Another novelty of the mystery of history is the desire of humans to make their mark. At the end of Troy Sean Bean says "mean rise and fall like the winter wheat but these names will never be forgotten:" and lists some heroes names. Men have built towers to the sky or done incredibly stupid things in the hope of gaining some form of recognition from the ocean of humanity, the present and the future. The Nazis planned to build monuments to last a thousand years, men like Cheops of Egypt (creator of the Great Pyramid) had already done that. Men have blown themselves up so they can be seen as martyrs like Mohammed, even on computer games, people play vigorously to have themselves acknowledged on the hi-scores charts. We are stubborn, deep inside each of us is that urge not to be forgotten.
But I was talking about our ignorance of the importance of the past wasn't I? If it were not for the courage, sacrifices and sheer hard work of our ancestors we would be playing with fires in caves. Things haven't really improved that much except for our understanding of the world and changes in the way we live. But their sacrifices have created and preserved incredible ideals like democracy and equality. But it has also created things like I-POD's and PS2's.
These things are leisure items, we are giving up on improving the world like our ancestors did and allowing pollution and mass murder in the Middle East. Will future generations admire us or see us as feckless weaklings? Or will they be too far gone to even acknowledge we achieved anything? In the last fifty years we have developed better ways to destroy and save human life. We have studied science and medicine but have not brought about world peace and have polluted our planet with incredible effectiveness.
When you walk on the surface of this planet you are walking on land that has been cultivated, fought for and walked on by millions, if not billions of humans. Before that older creatures fought for this territory, an instinct that survives to today as we fight to ensure our borders remain closed. So what points am I essentially making for you to disagree or agree with?
Basically 1500 years ago your average family lived in a cottage. They grew their own food, lived a bit like the Amish and had an alright time. They were in paradise because they were surrounded by people they loved, content in their ignorance of the world. Since then disease and war are the two things we have reduced but our new age has brought with it depression, the emos and people who use their amibiton to set up businesses intent solely on making money for themselves in the mistaken belief that this will make them truly content. We are destroying the past, animals either fear or serve us and our children are being wrapped in cotton wool.
Yet we still have the ability, the potential within us to achieve the impossible. History has shown anyone can choose to make an incredible difference, unless fate decrees otherwise we can make that difference in a small way or a big way but we have to choose it for ourselves. We have to make a mental decision, step back, take a look at our life and says would our ancestors, who suffered and died for us, be proud of what we have done. Do we deserve their sacrifices? I won't tell you what to do but now you have possession of these facts you really need to re-examine yourselves. The world you have thought you lived may have just got a whole lot bigger, in this new day and age ignorance is no longer an excuse. I think worldwide peace is inevitable, the sooner it takes place depends on how much we want it and how much individuals willing to work towards it.
Naturally I would welcome feedback, opinions and suggestions of any sort. If you have any questions I would be eager to attack them and share my views with you further. Thanks for reading all this.



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Jesus responded best to your essay two millenia ago -- "Store not up for yourselves those thing which moth and rust destroy and which thieves break in and steal, but store up for yourselves those things which neither moth nor rust destroys nor thief steals." That's a paraphrase, but the premise is that for all our scientific and technological advances, for all the buildings built, and the writings created, the best thing we can do to ensure we are rememberd is to serve God and not mankind, for if God remembers us isn't that sufficient?

There too, the pursuit of knowledge is a good thing, or so the bible says. What we do with that knowledge is quite another. Simply remembering the past isn't enough, learning from it is imperitive.

You have given us a lot of facts, but I had a difficult time piecing it all together into a central idea. But on your final point, that we have the ability to achieve the impossible. If something is impossible it is impossible. But I am one who believes the glass is half full, "With Christ, all things are possible."

This isn't intended to spark theological debate, nor do I intend my response as a lesson on religion. It is just my perspective on the world. Once I viewed the world as a person of the world, frustrated and confounded by it and the evil that seems to gnaw away at it daily. Now I view it from behind a veil of faith -- these things must happen that the scriptures be fulfilled. So long as mankind seeks to serve itself, it will not learn from its past for it is compelled in arrogance (or sinfulness, if you wish) to believe it is the first to do what it has done.
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