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Greetings to everyone!
I am called Demiel, my pen name meaning of honey. I primarily read literature, and I generally stray from genre fiction. I hope this community has a place for me as I noticed many of the threads to be about sci-fi and the like, although I have no distain for the genre and its proponents. My favorite authors include Joyce, Dostoyevsky, Poe, and Hesse. I would say my favorite poets are Dickenson, Lovecraft, and Byron. Hopefully we can be friends, and enlighten one another, I look forward to sharing my writing and reading that of others!


Harper J. Cole

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Welcome, Demiel! All styles of writing are welcome here - I look forward to seeing yours ...



Welcome Demiel! I'm a big fan of Poe myself--both poetry and short fiction. I once even had a male and female bearded dragon that I name "Poe" and "Annabel Lee" respectively :D