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I finally got to put into reality, what I've been fantasizing.

M barged in, "Hey, he wants to see you." as he signalled over to the Captain's.
"Yes Sir?" I asked.
"Eh? What do you mean you don't know?" Captain threw the account statement to me.
"No, Sir, I've cheked and its not under our scope." came my calm reply.
"You checked?! What do you mean checked?" his tone, angry and more serious than usual (His usual, already repulsive enough to scare the ugliest troll.)
"I've checked my records...."
"What do you mean you checked!?" Captain interrupted
"Sir, I've also checked with Major and he confirmed with me we don't have such work order and amount."
"How did you check? You sure? Because this kind of amount, only your side handle it."
"No, Sir, we really don't have it. Look, here, this is the same work order, and it's been cleared before. So, whoever cleared this, will have to clear this as well." I finally got to complete my explanation.
"Ok what if I get the invoice copy and its really yours?"
"No, Sir, its really not......"
"No I'm asking, what if you I get the invoice and its really yours!!?"

Finally, the oppourtunity I've long been waiting for, the situation i've been fantasizing. It's time to make them a reality.
"Ok, then charge me DB¹!" I finally raised my voice.

"Ok, you've said it."
"Yes." I answered, calm and collected. I was also impressed actually, for the fact that he wasn't surprised at my answer, as if expecting such reply from me.

Captain called M over.

"Hey, relax man, cool down." Obviously, our convo was of high volume. M probably thought I wasn't serious and it was a slip of the tongue.
"Get JKL¹ to send a copy of this invoice." Captain ordered M.
"I'm telling you, this is insubornitation." Captain warned me, in a toned-down voice, that I could hardly make up what he just said.
"Yeh, I'm not afraid. I'm tired of working anyway." I replied.

"Ok, go on, continue with your work."

And off I went......
hehehe, they have no idea....
who's behind this smiley face, behind this very patient soul.

DB¹: Detention Barrack
JKL¹: Name of company altered.