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Inspired by H3R (1 Viewer)

Swipe swipe, right right,
curly hair freckle face, large smile bright eyes
text text, chat chat
who are you, where are you from,
do you have pets,
do you have kids
what do you do
who do you know
I think you're cute
you think I'm bold
when should we meet
what should we do
I've been on this App for hours to count,
swiping left, swiping right
answering the same questions over and over again
trying to be fresh, lets keep light, I like you, you like
what are we doing letting Corona mess us up
I've got a mask, you've got a mask
I'll bring a bottle, of sanitisers
I'll bring a hoop to keep us apart
just say yes to a date, and will we keep the distance,
I think you're cute,
you think I'm bold
just bold enough to steal a kiss from your sweet lips
we can hold hands,
we can be bold,
we can be friends,
we can be free
to look at each other in the eyes,
for all the world to see
you're on this App
I'm on this App
we're looking for love
that's all it really comes down too
let's not fear and disappointments colour this chance that we've both found
Maybe this spark that we have in here,
in this virtual world keep us apart,
I could be yours,
you could be mine,
we won't even know,
If we don't even try.
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Friends of WF
our life through apps - how did it come to this? And yet it has. So many friends I know older now like me, searching through this medium for a truthful connection. Thank you for the poem, I enjoyed it. The short lines capture the online talk, brief, always.