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Inspired at a Diner (1 Viewer)

Nate Gallon

Senior Member
Evil people everywhere
Ringing dinnerware
And smiling faces
Traces of innocence keep piling up

Maybe I am
Could be that, under my skin,
I burn with inconsistencies
Even then
Even if I am just in my head
I enjoy seeing good poetry
Write itself
In the folds of a paper ball
Rollin' 'round in soot.


Senior Member

Fundamentally, I feel this piece would benefit from some work on its form. It suffers from feeling clunky in places, what I like is the idea of a piece written in the flush of inspiration but I think that because of the structure this feeling, one which I think is key to the piece, is lost a little. I would like to see either shorter more punchy lines or longer more stream of consciousness style lineation.

Hope this helps you,



Hoping this helps somewhat