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Hi there,

I'm soliciting recommendations. I used to listen to this man on the radio who told lovely short stories about his life, often with wonderfully simple (yet profound) spiritual insights. The author/reader was Fred Napoli, and I only wish that I had taped these stories off the radio way back when.

Anyway, I'm looking for other "such" writers. I know I haven't defined "such" very well, I'm sorry. I just remember how powerful this author's stories were, and I'm thirsty for any material along the same lines, especially if it's uplifting.

For those of you who are Twilight Zone fans, you might recall an episode called "Changing of the Guard". This is another example of the material that I'm looking for.

Basically, I'm trying to reconnect with myself, my inner voice, and my imagination. Sometimes reading/hearing the works of others can provoke awe and inspiration to craft a story of one's own.

Art has the miraculous capability of doing this, but sometimes you have to go through so much material to find something that strikes a chord. I guess that's why I'm coming to you folks. (Im desperate, even a movie title would be welcome).

Thanks in advance.
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