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Inspector Espinosa (1 Viewer)


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Sometimes in the used bookstore I'll pick up a book in the clearance section for 50 cents to discover something new. Recently I read, "The Silence of the Rain" by Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza and was completely impressed. It's book two, I think, of the Inspector Espinosa series he created about a detective in South America. There was absolutely no pretense to the writing and I found it refreshing.

Surprisingly, though, he switched from third-person to first-person in the middle of the book and then switched back to third-person in the last thirds. When it switched I didn't catch it until about two pages in and realized something strange happened. Then I thought maybe this was on the clearance shelf because it was a publisher's copy and wasn't complete. Later I discovered it was intentional although I do not know why. But reading this story in two perspectives was surprisingly a lot of fun because it provided insight into the character from his own point-of-view after reading the first third part of the book in third-person.

If the author was experimenting, I thought it worked well with this story and I'm looking for his other books in this series, too.