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Inosculation: (1 Viewer)


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First, let us acknowledge
the depth to our lichen and fungi
entwining thoughts that span years – did you
know dear a lichen can create soil from rock?
Appropriate for my heart that met yours
made whole at last, I think we forget
across the milky way of years
that your flesh and mine cannot know
where one begins and the other ends.

Second, as I stand here before your absence
in the ground (pay heed children,
two die when one goes)
family and friends behind pale
shocked as my right hand holds the soil
any moment the freefall into your new home
I know this is as much about my passing
as yours even though I am the one breathing.

Third, if I can find the courage
in that bed we bought thirty years ago
I will roll into the emptiness and hope
in filaments none of us truly understand
to touch and heal us both, spend nights
alone with dreams of the days
we fungi spent sharing sunlight
synthesizing events into food,
eating in out of body experiences.

Fourth, with one heart now, in blood
that flows and that does not,
doing double the work two shall speak
with a single voice and through the spread
into children and their children’s children
see the forest, a single contour of difference
that supports so many who have never met
and yet connect through the underworld
structures only mutual time can erect.
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I think this is beautiful. The sadness and sense of loss is palpable, it’s an incredibly moving piece. What strikes me is the way in which this starts off with what feels like a clinical scientific description of the lichen, in a sense it says to the reader that to first accept what is going on, the speaker must break it down to the base, they’re reminding themselves that it’s all natural. In starting this way, you allow the following stanzas to build a sense of grief felt, despite how natural the situation is; it doesn’t take away from the impact on the speaker or their family.

In S1 line one, should it be let us? And in line two should it be depth?

Thank you



WF Veterans
yes and yes Syd, ta and changed...see what happens when I change words even as I post them...

And thank you everyone for the feedback.