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Inner Vision by Craig MacFarlane (1 Viewer)


This book is an autobiography and it's amazing. In fact Craig MacFarlane is amazing.

Craig is a blind man, 42 years old, and has been blind since age 2. He is the world's greatest blind athlete (in his 20's) and is an international inspirtational speaker. His story will make you laugh and cry.....but not once will you ever feel sorry for him being blind!

The forword to his book is written by former President George Bush and they are good friends. Along with Gordie Howe and Mario Andretti and many other 'big names'. He is a Canadian but mostly speaks in the U.S. and you may have seen him yourself. He was a key-note speaker at 3 consecutive Republican National Conventions.

Craig and I have known each other for many years but it has just been over the last month that our friendship became very close. We live near each other and share much of our pasts in Northern Ontario. I spend a great deal of time with Craig and his wife and kids at their home and mine. We are in contact daily as I have now taken over a big part of his career.....the computer and internet portions especially (he's blind remember!....they still haven't come up with a braille screen...LOL). In the very near future we will be setting up a foundation to help teenagers to realize their goals and dreams. In fact, the board of directors filed the papers in Miami today for the foundation and we will be moving our operations to Florida in about 8 months (IRS willing!!).

I did not read Craig's book (Inner Vision) until last week and I was shocked. Believe me, as a friend of his, he 'walks the talk' and is as real in life as he is in words. The book is not a self-help type thing....not at all. You get the inspiration from his life-story.

If you ever begin feeling 'low' about your life...read this book. It won't solve your problems but it will give you some Inner Vision from a man that knows what that really means!

The book is available from Amazon.com etc.
His website is www.cmpride.com (meant for high speed connection...graphics heavy) and you can see a short video of him and even hear a few songs from his CD at the website.

Bruce Thomas