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I've been a lurker for just one day and I must say, this is a pretty nice forum to join. I'm 26 years old, male and I just started writing for a week or so. Just found a new hobby :)

It's pretty hard for me to write/ post in English because I never really had English lessons. I'm from Holland.

It sucks a little bit to discover this new interest in writing at my age, but then again the only thing I want to outperform is my own capacities.

So, thats it, if you want to know more, just ask and if you have wise words for the totally noob, that would be nice too! :p

mi is happy

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Helo! Can I call you Mr. Inktblot? :) Hi! I'm Mi! I'm from the USA! It's realy cool that you have a new hobby! I'm 15 saddly...