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inheritance series - chrisopher paulini (2 Viewers)


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alright alright i know alot of people dont like it because the uncreativity and all the cliche of the whole idea.. but

i personally liked the books they were a good read, and they kept me interested enough to want to read the third book when it comes out.
It might just be my kind of book, i dont know. but i enjoyed it

I also give him props and let alot of the very very easy read a break for him only being 15 when he wrote the first book. i give the book a major break

but tell why you like it or why you hate it :) i would like to hear some opinions on the book


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what??? uncreativity???? what????? where is this coming from??? that series is only one of the best series' I have ever read!! and that's saying something, cos I am constantly reading! I am, at the moment, reading Eldest for the millionth time... I love them!!


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heh i loved the books aswell, but not entirely my opinion by the way :D alot of people say that all of thsoe ideas came from elsewhere. but i loved the books aswell :)


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seriously, every person I know who has read thos books has adored them - of all ages, too :) so whoever made those comments obviously doesn't appreciate good fantasy :)


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well.. i felt like it was an exciting book. i loved to read through it. i enjoyed having a good idea what was going to happen. but there are some parts i did not expect at all. i thought it was pretty well thought out. i loved the books


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yeah, the ending to eldest was totally unexpected!! and brilliant!! do you like action books, like, say, matthew reilley?


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ooh i dont really know artists..

im actually legally blind, so i have to have a machine to read books
its a pain, but ill deal with it for a good book
i love to read though, if i could get books online i would read alot more

but i like some actions books. like "under a war torn sky"
if you havent read that book i highly suggest it. it is an outstanding book, and only 280 pages or so

Writer Kitten

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While I certainly will not bash someone for liking it, I couldn't finish the second book. I just couldn't. The romance was laughably wrong, and the cliches just pounded into my head.

The first one, well... For what it is -- a good juvenile (meaning young, not necessarily immature) introduction into fantasy -- it's a semi-decent read. But beyond that it's not the greatest literature ever written, and not even in the same class as some other fantasy (even YA fantasy).

Will my children read it? Probably. Will I then change my mind and think it's the next Narnia, LotR and Dark Materials all rolled into one? No. It's not. And it never will be.

Nillani I absolutely adore Matthew Reilly and most especially his Scarecrow books. Have you read his Hell Island?

Mr Sci Fi

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I've also enjoyed Eragon -- When I remember it being called 'Star Wars.'

Awful metaphors, cliche storyline, stilted dialogue, mundane prose.

I barely got through Eragon, I stopped reading Eldest on the first page.


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I agree with the writer of the previous post.

As with movies, there are very few books - no matter how horrible - that I simply abandon in the middle. I have stalled out in the middle of Eldest, but I will get back to it someday.

If my reading is viewed solely by consumption, my taste may hardly be described as discriminating, but having read a great many very well written works, and a great many very poorly written works, I think that I can say with a fair degree of confidence in my opinion that this series is more appropriately placed in the latter category.


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what??? uncreativity???? what????? where is this coming from??? that series is only one of the best series' I have ever read!! and that's saying something, cos I am constantly reading! I am, at the moment, reading Eldest for the millionth time... I love them!!
Well, if such eloquence does not speak of high literary standards, then nothing does.


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Can't say much about it. I bought the first book for studying purposes but haven't read it.

One thing you have to do though, is give the guy credit for writing a book at 15 or well, starting it then and getting it published. Doesn't matter really how he got it published either in my view or how much help he had.

Quite a young age in any case. (note: This applies to the first book only.)
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i thought the books were just ok. i mean they kept my attention, but thats not saying much considering i can sit down and read pretty much any book no matter how bad.

i do think that it did have a lot of cliches and lots of it was based heavily off of other fantasies but, even if it wasnt good it was at least somewhat entertaining. i just dont understand the hype about the guy, the book is just average. when reading the book i think it is obvious that it was written by someone young and that took away from it.

just as a side note, he came to my library and gave an author talk about the first book. it was interesting but he just appeared as an average writer


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Ok I will agree here, Christapher Paloni wasnt the greatest writer in the world when he wrote Eragon, but in Eldest I seriously cried!
(I probably only liked those books cause their my type of books)
:joker: I can't wait for the third book, has anyone ever read the first chapter to Empire yet? It was in the back of the special edition of Eldest. SO Awsome! Eragon and Roran were going to get Katrina when they were caught!


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Reilly and Paolini are both terrible. Reilly has fantastic ideas, but his ability to realise them is lackluster. Paolini doesn't even have ideas; he rips them off from Star Wars. Excuse me now, I have to go weep for the death of literature :p.


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I agree with VigorousMastication, and while I can see how the books are an okay introduction into fantasy, most fans of the genre should be able to see what a travesty they are. Unoriginal characters, creatures and lore, god-awful dialogue and plot, and just general writing that is decent at best. Of course, the fact that it looks like Paolini went through his manuscript and used the synonym feature in Microsoft Word to change every single word doesn't help the cause at all. And did anyone else notice that the mythology of the dwarves in Eldest is ripped almost unchanged from the Lord of the Rings? If you haven't, do a little reading into both and you'll see what I mean.

As a self-professed fan of fantasy and science fiction, these books make me want to cry, and also to hit Christopher Paolini for creating something that too many people will believe sets the standard for good fantasy. Newsflash: It doesn't, not by a long shot.


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I don't really see why it's such a big deal if it's cliched or not. If it's a good story, it's a good story; if it's a bad story, it's a bad story. Cliche has no impact on the writer's ability to tell a tale.

That being said, I think Inheritance deserves a failing grade. I liked it for a year or two, but after reading through it again, I couldn't understand why. I mean, I'll probably end up reading book three eventually, but only to see how the story ends. If it ends there; I read somewhere that there might be a fourth book, but I don't know if that's true.


I enjoyed reading Eragon and Eldest (and I will enjoy reading the final two books; yes, two!)... and I don't understand all of the criticism. Many people cite the fact that it's similar to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings ('cliched') when they say that they dislike the books but when I read that I feel as though they're implying that they disliked Star Wars and Lord of the Rings... Many of the themes and ideas in the series are unoriginal, and I understand how that could warrant criticism, but not disliking the books. I think people should give better reasons.

Go Christopher!


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I'm just happy you young people are reading.

Taste and discretion can come later. Just think of them as two things you can look forward to.