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in the style of cold mountain 2 (1 Viewer)


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over the falls
the water goes
frothing among the rocks
where ever it lands
what control does it have
these stories we tell
are all dreams within a dream
emptiness laughs and nods.

* * *

mist on the river
and one thought too many
forget the noise raised in the East
tend to your charge in the West
the cicadas hum clamors
when you hide behind your curtains
but in the sun's light
they fade to shadow.

TL Murphy

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I'm curious about the title of these two poems (which seem like one poem). Does the title refer to the novel "Cold Mountain" by Charles Frazier? One of my favorites. It's essentially a love story set in the American South during the civil war. The main character is a deserter, therefore a fugitive, trying to make his way home through an apocalyptic and surreal landscape The heroine is a girl on her own in hostile circumstances who finds strength and resilience. Remarkable story. I just wondered.


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it refers to the ancient Chinese poet in fact, though I have also heard of the novel. I've had it recommended to me before and your description of it makes me believe even more i should check it out!