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In the Devil's Name - Debut horror novel available for Kindle (1 Viewer)

Dave Watson

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"Dave Watson is the Christopher Brookmyre of horror. He brilliantly evokes the world of ordinary, drug taking young men on the cusp of adulthood and then rips it all apart. In the Devil’s Name is a funny, keenly-observed and fast-paced horror novel that will appeal to anyone who has ever been young. Dave Watson knows his genre and he’s not afraid to subvert it. Readers, on the other hand, will be very, very afraid."
- Louise Welsh, author of The Cutting Room

Some of the locals in Ballantrae still tell tales about haunted Bennane Head, the cliffs just up the coast where mythical mass murderer and cannibal Sawney Beane is said to have dwelt with his inbred family during the seventeenth century. Never walk past there at night, they say, or heaven help you. Just a ghost story to give the tourists a thrill.

Phil, Griff, Sam and Cairnsey are local boys who enjoy a smoke, a beer and the occasional tab of mind bending acid, and celebrating the end of high school with some trips and a night’s camping at Bennane Head sounds like a high old time.

When their drug fuelled revelry descends into a nightmarish fight for their sanity and survival however, those who make it through the night will know that true evil never forgets unpaid debts.

Hello folks,

I'd just like to plug my debut novel In the Devil's Name. This is a 90,000 word horror story written in an unusual style that switches between past and present tense, is told from the point of view of several different characters, some in the first person, and employs a variety of narrational methods.

An early version of the story was posted online at ZA Recht's Morningstar Saga website, and is the most read thread in the fiction forum, currently sitting at almost three and a half thousand views. A spin off tale entitled Heaven Help You, will also be appearing on the website of Wyrd Books Publishing as their featured short story of the month in January 2013.

In the Devil's Name is available through the Writing Forums bookstore for anyone in need of a right good scare. Be warned however. This novel contains graphic violence, blasphemous themes, shocking language and frequent drug use. I've also been told it's extremely funny. Maybe I'm hanging out wth some seriously sick people...

Writing Forums Book Store - On Kindle

Enjoy! 8)


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Hello Dave, you write about stuff that I'm hooked on. I wondered how long it would take before someone told the gruesome story of those inbred cannibals- 300 years. A long wait. Well done.