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In need of a title (LA Gangster movie) (1 Viewer)



Need a innovative title for a La ganster movie. the story revolves around a drug dealer and a buyer.
Also some character names would be helpful.


That's a good title but I was looking for a one or two word title with maybe some sort of sly drug connotations. Anything you come up with will be fine though. Just for a bit of background, the placeholder title was, "Abuse". Also I thought of a tagline, Style over Substance.


Good, I like them, now for some character names (Last names as well please)
Jack Brodeur
Sam Gotti
Lance "the ray" Taniti
Gordon Green
Gwen Samson


Gang Games
1 For the Money
3 way Pay (just sounds good, no real reason)


Why, hold on there, you've already come up with the perfect title before: " Gangster " or "LA Gangster"--- I would go with "Gangsta LA"---you'll just have to trust me on this one, that is if, you really WANT the script to be picked up and actually read by someone in LA.----and I won't even charge you for this gem of advice. You are welcome.