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In Dreams do Nightmares come (1 Viewer)


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Every year at Halloween I post this poem I wrote for my niece when she was twelve-

In Dreams do Nightmares come

One morning I woke up to find I was dead
all alone in my home still and stiff in my bed.
How curious to see me pale as a ghost
with crumbs on my sheets from half eaten toast.
My clothes were askew all over the floor
while werewolves and demons howl outside my door.
The taint in the air has an odious flair
with no one to smell it and no one to care.
Darkness surrounds me in hideous light
as goblins and ghouls devour and bite.

Round and round and round I go

What kind of dream is this I do not know?

How the hell can I be in this horror show?

When do I wake I want to know!

One afternoon I awoke from my hourly nap
the first thing I saw was your head on my lap.
How disheartening to know how frail I can be
when all I could do was to throw up and pee.
My clothes were in piles all over the floor
as witches and warlocks flew outside my door.
The stink in the air from blood in your hair
reeks foreboding doom and total despair.
Shadows surround me in fiendish embrace
terror consumes me I look in your face

Up, up, and away don’t let me stay

I plead and scream get me out of this dream

I gouge out my eyes and tear off my skin

Vowing and Swearing to never again sin

One evening I found I was not dead but awake
with you by my side warm and safe in my bed.
How assuring to see I’m as hale as can be
with flowers in bloom from heavenly celebration
My clothes were all neat in the drawer on the floor
while angels and saints lay outside my door.
The ambrosia in the air has a melodious flair
with songs to be sung with loving jubilation.
Sunset surrounds me in wondrous light
as fairies and elves dance with me this night!
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I love your oxymoron: 'Darkness surrounds me in hideous light'. I hope to see more oxymorons from you.

The way you tie devilry in to physical imbalance is great: 'when all I could do was to throw up and pee.'

and there seems to be a saviour