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In case you doubt this is the place for you as a writer . . . (1 Viewer)


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. . . Stop. Just stop right now. Because you're wrong.

I have not even been a member of this forum for a year yet and already I can see major growth in my writing and even my reading. Yeah, I still have my comfort zones with the latter -- preferred genres, authors, etc. But I approach reading with a whole new attitude and set of goals. Which has carried over to my writing endeavors. Yeah, I still probably move a little slower than I'd like. I don't anticipate turning out finished tomes with the speed and regularity of James Patterson anytime soon. But progress is progress and I am making more progress now than I have in a long time.

And I owe a lot of that to being a member of this forum.

It's not just getting advice from more seasoned writers and mentors, it's commiserating with others in the same trenches as I am. I love being in the presence of people who love the written word as much as I do. Even though sometimes that love takes on a love/hate feel when things aren't going the way you want.

My point is -- yes, this is the place for you. Bring a good attitude, some thick skin and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get better and it will happen. Even if Paramount Pictures never turns your work into a film adaptation, you will at least find peace with what you're throwing down and that's more than some people get ever.

Carry on!


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I concur. As the cliche goes, I know just enough to get myself in trouble. I'm a wannabe writer, a desire that's been with me before puberty. Being a member inspires me to write more. I often have poster's remorse. The next day I read one of my responses or posts and sometimes think, okay that sounds retarded. Being self-conscious is one of my faults. Hopefully being a member of this site will help me to lose my fear of presenting my writing before others.


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Oh, what a delightful message to read. Your words are music to my eyes. Every morning, since I joined Writing Forums, has been a turning point in my life. I joined as a writer seeking assistance for my prospective novel. I have been here since January. My novel isn't even shared yet. Why? I saw the potential you're advocating. I saw room for growth and development in abandoned areas of Writing Forums. My writing has greatly improved since I joined. The most time I have ever shared my own work was during NaPoWriMo. But, how does that make any sense? How does one grow from not being critiqued by others as often? Be the one critiquing. Be the one in charge of making the difference. By making the difference in others, our magical inner writer wakes up. This magical inner writer is related to Karma. Deeply embedded in our brains, this writer builds character every time we push ourselves to help ourselves and others. Thank you for reaching out. Thank you for being that valued member providing invaluable feedback. This is our motivation to wake up every day to check our members. This is the reason why we don't mind being volunteers.

We offer a lot. We know it's appreciated. We carry on because you carry on - stronger. Thank you.

We appreciate you and everyone else here willing to grow with us.

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I'm glad to hear comments like this. On over 50 years of writing, I've only found one writing group that equals this (and it wasn't on line). This is a microcosm of the real world of writing, the editors you are trying to impress (that's not really the right word) with your novel/short story/poetry. Five editors may have five different opinions, that's the way it is here. Getting different perspectives on your writing can only help you get published (if that is you goal).Yes, critiquing and commenting is important, but also getting involved, sharing experiences. I've said this before, a sense of humor is not a requirement to join here, but it helps.

Phil Istine

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Indeed, I'm so glad I found this place. It picks me up and cuts me down in equal measure, and that's exactly what I need. Two steps forward and one back - it doesn't matter that I'm currently on the low end of a backward one, because I know it's where I need to be for the next part of the learning curve.


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Oh my. I love reading things like this! I receive tremendous support from this forum, and I'm constantly feeling spoiled by the well of information at my fingertips. It just makes me feel better to just know other people who get it. Writing is rewarding, but man is it work. And things just fly outta left field for me constantly.

I'm glad you're benefiting from this forum. I am too! This place is awesome!


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This is the first post I have read on this forum. I am brand-spanking new.

This is very encouraging for me .

I want advice, but currently don't feel comfortable showing work because of trust issues, and showing incomplete (potentially embarrassing) writing.

On top of that, I am writing poetry, which is foreign and mechanical to me.

It’s clear I just have to read more here and settle in.

Nice to meet everyone!

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Welcome, Jake! You will love it here, I promise. I used to write all the time. Then I let other things that life threw at me get in the way of really pursuing it hard core. Now that my kid is older and I'm approaching the big 4-0, a lot of the insecurities of my 20s and 30s that held me back in writing are falling away. I still have a few and when they rear their heads, I come here and get all the cattle prodding I need to get back in the game.

J Anfinson

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I want advice, but currently don't feel comfortable showing work because of trust issues, and showing incomplete (potentially embarrassing) writing.

It's extremely common for new members to have certain fears about writing, such as being worried about people stealing their ideas (btw- if that's something you worry about, you may as well toss that one out the window because I can assure you nobody would steal your story ideas. Writers are too in love with their own ideas. We don't care about the next person's, even though to you it feels like gold. To me, mine are gold. That's just how it is, and you'll see it later if you don't already.).

As far as being embarrassed by your writing that's also normal. I've got a whole file full of short stories that I doubt I'll ever show anyone, ever. They were written when I first started writing and they suck. I've moved on and gotten better. But the only way you'll see yourself improve is to have someone critique one here and there. Learn what you can from the critiques and apply those lessons to the next story. Rinse and repeat. Soon you won't feel so embarrassed to show anything at all.


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Thanks, that does make me feel more comfortable.

I do think I'm mining some gold.

I just need to separate the ore from the rock.

I'll post an intro of myself shortly to get situated.

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I have just returned here, but in the few days that I've been back I'm becoming aware of what I was missing.

This is a very good utility to improve your writing!You get REAL writers and people on here that can help you improve almost any problem or issues with your writing. You also get the satisfaction that your works, even if they're just practice, are being read. It's such a good thing to have people looking at your work and critiquing it. Such a valuable resource. It's a great place to be! You gain INSIGHT from being here.

Just my two cents!


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My writing output has improved, and I THINK my quality has improved as well. Not to mention, I'm enjoying it a lot more. Yes, there are days I struggle with it and days I wonder why I even bother. But since coming here and implementing the advice from mentors, veterans, and fellow newbs, those dark days are less and less. I can't reiterate enough two things that have been key for me in this process -- KINDNESS and FEARLESSNESS.


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You get REAL writers and people on here that can help you improve almost any problem or issues with your writing.

But you also get real readers, people who can see what is wrong with a piece and maybe that's why they wondered whether they could write something just as good if not better themselves and took up writing. Yes, writing is a skill discussed here, but reading well is also a skill and it is no surprise that those two go hand in hand here.

Being a writer is not a side of my personality that I am trying to develop, but apparently there is something there inside me that has a need, one which I do not understand, so I gave that side of me the opportunity to do it's thing here and interact with other fictional writers. Some may discover that they have the ability to become real writers, but my inner writer is a virtual being thriving only in this virtual place. Hopefully sharing that experience is also beneficial to others in some small way.

As they say, I just wanted to give you a piece of my mind.


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No matter how busy I am or what is going on in my life, a visit to this forum always gets me "in the mood". :)


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Yes, Arrakis. As far as forum-based drama goes, the kind here is pretty low.

This is really encouraging to read. I have been on plenty of forums before and the one thing that always makes me cringe is the prospect of how many trolls I may have to fight through to get any useful information.

I'm just starting out in writing myself, and as others have said, am not exactly the pillar of confidence I would like to be in regards to sharing my writing.

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