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From a depth deep chilled by the darkness
came a dread rock hurtling thru the night.
It was seven miles wide and Everest high
and it wobbled with a turn to the right.

Then it twisted like a hulu skirt, tumbling thru the universe,
speeding meteoric like the comets only dare,
racing thru the cosmos, mega-tons coming close.
Life on the Earth unattentive, unaware.

Its weight shifted massive with a movement
from the pull of our gravitating Sun
that pulsed a convulsion which added more propulsion
to this asteroid ablaze and on the run.

Then it smashed winds of Neptune, crushed rings of Saturn too,
bounced off of Jupiter to clear the face of Mars,
pierced thru its red dust, Moon looming up just.
People on the Earth eating, loving, driving cars.

I saw it flash my window ‘cross the night’s sky,
blazing closer, burning larger like my fear
and I knew Man was braking to a standstill
‘cause the clicking of the seconds I could hear.

Then it ticked close of Mankind blasting off the face of Time,
tumbling with his wonders thru a Space of endless black
to crumble from his earthless brand to grains of life by cosmic hand
distilled to just the dust of Man, at eternity’s brink of impact.