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I'm new, does it show much? (1 Viewer)

The new kid in school, red faced embarrassed in front of the class as all eyes walk you to the desk in the back of the room before the teacher can continue with the lesson. More embarrassing than this is when the teacher says, "Class, I would like you to welcome Sunshine to our class and make her at home!" while you stand frozen at your desk, unsure if you should sit or stand. Then you hear all the reluctant murmurs that somewhat sound like a forced welcome to the intrusion of their little group. Fortunate for you, there is always some misfit like yourself who takes you in tow and the day is good again. Dont ya just love being the new kid in town..... lol 8-[

About myself, and where to start. This would be alot easier if someone else would do the telling rather than me.... lol. I live in central USA where I raised four beautiful kids who are now grown and on their own. Writing has been my passion since I was able to pick up a pencil. The stories I told my kids seemed to keep them on the edge of their sets more than anything I would read. They would rest easy knowing the quest for adventure was conquered and sleep was the reward.

Through the years of diapers, little league, girl scouts, boy scouts, football games, cheerleading and graduations to babysitting from time to time for my grandkids, I find the time to write and dream.

Though I dont know all the technical wording for literary writing yet, I believe my genre is murder/mystery for the novels I've written (unpublished as of yet), self help and poetry. I belong to a poetry site but need to make some changes there before it is up and running again.

And now, I shall sit quietly at my desk and listen to the lesson at hand, as all faces turn back to the teacher. :oops:

Jay Kay

hi and welcome to the forums sunshine ... hope to read some of your posts real soon ...
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. It's fun reading what eveyone has to say and I'm still trying to figure it all out. Maybe will start little like poetry.... lol