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Im looking for someone who likes to edit books (1 Viewer)

I have a book, I want someone to review and edit it.. trying my luck here.. let me know if im barking up the wrong tree.. thanks.. MC

Jon M

WF Veterans
Why, I live here, of course. But I would be delighted to add new content to your book for you. After the requisite fee is paid, I mean.


Da Boss Emeritus
Hi Mark, and welcome to WF.

No, you are not barking up the wrong tree.

Some of our members are professional editors and proofreaders; others may not be professional, but still very good at the craft and enjoy the challenge.


WF Veterans
Mark, best bet is to post bits and pieces, have them reviewed by members, and then if you don't want the full story online, retract the piece (edit out the content) and post a new thread with whatever else you want reviewed. Small bits at a time.

If you actually want someone to fully edit the piece, try a local university. They tend to have lots of grammatically correct individuals in need of tuition money. The work is pretty cheap, most of the time. I'm wondering why Jon M got a 1 week ban? :|
I've had luck with (link removed) folks in the past. There prices are about average, but I found their level of expertise and customer service to be top notch. Also, all there editors are published writers.