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i'm liek, nu here!11!!! (1 Viewer)



Don't worry, everyone - I don't really type like that. The title was just to get your attention. ;)

A friend of mine said this was a fun place for amateur writers to poke around, so I figured I'd see what he was blathering on about - and so here I am. Wait until I've got a good base before declaring war on me, and I'll see you around.


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I was -swear to god- going to curse you to hell for writing like that, man, after last night.

Just be careful around here, feuds happen too many times to be kosher.

bah. consider everyone suspect.

or not.


You know the old sixties line, "just because they say that you're paranoid doesn't mean that they're not out to get you."



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Says the friend of yours who recommended you, don't ever try to write like that again. I know for a fact you aren't cool. Don't try.


^ And I know for a fact that typing like that isn't cool either, so you happen to lack a point in that post.

Thanks for all the welcome posts, and don't worry - I'm not that paranoid. Destroyer should be, though. *wishes for an evil smiley*

*and, for that matter, a tongue-sticking-out smiley*