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I'm in... HELP! (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
My jobs take to much time, family responsibilities, minor surgery on the 21st (not mine), and I'll be away from home for a week.

I have not written at anywhere near this rate in years!

So of course I found an idea and signed up yesterday. Maybe this will turn out to be exactly what I need to push me back into real writing again. Maybe I'll go mad. Maybe I already have.

A few encouraging words would be appreciated. Or if some would stop me, by force if necessary.


Encourage or force....

How about I forcefully encourage?

Calm down. Smile. Have some apple juice.

You have an idea (which is more than I have)
You have lotsa people in similar situations
You have me giving out free hugs

Does that help?


Senior Member
you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont have alot of time either. im resorting to staying up late. i really dont care about school at the moment. so its okay if im tired


Senior Member
Good luck mate, It's my NaNo virginity being lost here too. Just write when you can, and let your creative juices do the rest.

Ermm... and a big manly hug!