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I'm here to do this thing called an "Introduction" (1 Viewer)


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Hello, here's a couple of things to know about me, written in list form.

1. I write way too much poetry. My attention span reaches the level of short stories, of which one got published on a horror site called "Creepypasta". It's called Eversion, and it's something I made 5 years ago.
2. Twitter and Facebook character limits have taught me how to be succinct-- when I want to be.
3. My boyfriend is crazy. Send help.
4. I'm learning how to draw. I have an example below.
5. Entiendo el espanol con soltura, aunque no tengo un teclado en que puedo usar los acentos, por eso yo sueno como un gringo enorme. I'm slowly learning Japanese

And that's about it I guess. See you guys around this forum I guess haha.
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WHAAAAAT!!!!! #1 on your list...... you said you write too much poetry?? Is that even possible ??? Well then you will breeze right through NaPoWriMo.... you know... National Poets writing month... 30 days, 30 poems.... ;)

Love the sketch... welcome to WF....


Hey Jo! Personally I think crazy boyfriends are the best kind. As long as it's the good crazy and not the... well, CRAZY crazy. :lol:

Awesome sketches. Interesting introduction as well. Welcome!