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I'm here now, might as well introduce myself (1 Viewer)



Hey, how's going?

I'm 24 years old from Ireland. I mainly write prose but occasionally do the poetry thing. My writing interests are horror, sci-fi (the J.G. Ballard end of the genre rather than the Star Trek end of it), historical, crime and literary fiction.

I'm only really beginning to write and in 2008 I intend to send off my first submissions to magazines so here's hoping I'm successful or at least get positive feedback.


Hello all!

I'm new to these forums. Just graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in May of this year, working at a design firm to pay the bills, trying to keep writing in my "free time". Y'all know how it goes, I'm sure. :)

Anyway, just introducing myself. Hope to see y'all around!
- Kristan

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Hello, all you shiny new posters!

Pull up a chair, pour yourselves a Guinness and you can join in our throw-a-peanut-at-the-literary-critics competition.


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Alkypone--such a creative use of such a disturbing name.... but I digress.

Welcome to the forums.

Perhaps one day as you've joined WF, I'll visit Ireland (though, I have bad memories of an Irish-American).
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