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I'm entering the world of "proper" writing for the first time in a long time.(rated R words in here) (1 Viewer)

Hello guys, fathead here. Where do i go here for this? I want to mainly learn how to write and format a movie script good enough for this film im creating interviewing people in this hilarious place that everyone will want to listen if it's actually funny. It is half real sophisticated issues in canada stuff/acted. A small film festival or something like that idea I have. I'm better with punctuation with grammarly. LOL. Anyways... I'm also writing another movie script for an animated movie(hopefully cel-shaded) that could spawn an entire series for me. I need a really good course on how to do this, if you know one? It is so genius and just seems like "Is this happening?" It's like i sold my soul satan it's so good. It could definitely spawn a series off this movie... put it this way The king of new england is going to war with india over wrestling. LOL sounds stupid but i put more effort into wordy stuff not on forums. LOL

Like... this is how i write. I write out some conversation... then i get 50 scenes from it in my mind. I just go through the entire thing, putting everything down, then i go over and i got 50 scenes.

"Remember me, Geronimo?"
"The turtle my dad sat on? I got a picture in my wallet of you and me.."
"Demolished with his big ass in 1995, to be precise. I'm here to tell you divine messages from the other sideeee.... bring you to places in time... yea, im that fucking cool. Time travel. I'd be so over, christian girls would buy my album.. "
"Acid is really dangerous, because i really believe you're going to convince me of what to do with my life here."
"First i'm going to tell you the story of your existence....."
"Ninja Turtles make you guys look way cooler."
"You've never seen a turtle before?"
"Not one the size of a mountain because of fifteen tabs of acid. You'd that'd compare to Ninja Turtles..... not like regular turtles even have a high standard of being interesting."
"Turtles are perfectly interesting if they're giant sky wizards that a sheet of acid created...."
"In theory."
"Now for the story of New England and El Revoltoso."
"Let's go to a Cubs game at wrigley and get half the crowd pounding beer and then put on "Go Cubs Go! The Cubs are gonnaaaa lose today!"
"To... Wrigley."

scene of this happening.
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Hate to break it to you, but no one has been doing cell animation in 30 years (at least for features ... I'm not sure about everything). CGI is cost effective in comparison, so cell was relegated to history. There's an important reason Disney bought Pixar.

As far as the dialogue, I think you need to work on something more coherent. It's too "all over the place" to hold most people's interest. Plus, the majority of animation depends heavily on family viewership. You'll need discipline in your language. Letting F-bombs fly has to be calculated for a market, not just because you think it's cool.
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Welcome, there are a lot of knowledgeable people here that can help.
I'm a certified old-fart though, and so can't say much. To me, an app is a cracker you eat before dinner, and the last video game I played was asteroids. Believe it or not, at one time I lived on the bleeding edge of technology.
Good luck though!


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Sounds like you have a lot of creative juices flowing there. That's half the battle!

Have a look at the discussion boards and find a relevant place to pose a question, or post some of your work. You'll find lots of generous people here ready to help.

Welcome to the forum.