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I'm back (1 Viewer)

Short Tooth

Senior Member
Well, I've decided to return. Some folks will remember me round these parts, others will not. I left here quite a few months ago as there was a lot of changing and what not going on in my life, but I'm settled into a long term job now without too many distractions- so here I am again.

Looking forward to getting reaquainted (sp) with the place and some old friends.



Short Tooth's Baaaaaack!

Hey, ST!

Welcome back and happy to have you. You're a sight for sore eyes. :)

**Gives you a whopping big hug**

Glad to hear that things have smoothed out in RL, how's the job going?

Anyway, nice to see you. If you want to shoot me a PM and bring me up to speed on what's going on in your life I'd be happy to read it.




Senior Member
hey short tooth, :) glad your back. You've been missed.

well glad is a bit of an understatment, shes hanging off of me, going phsyco that you're back...so yeah.

Well, welcome back, you have most definantly been and can't wait till you get back to the RPG's