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I'm a NEWBIE!! (1 Viewer)

Hello Everyone,

My name is Davira Rayne. I have been writing as a hobby my whole life and just until recently I decided to pursue my passion further. I have started a blog in hopes of gaining feedback and honing my craft. I aspire to put out a range of novels in the future ranging from relationship advice, erotica romance to children's books. I value any feedback on my work and I am excited for the journey that I will embark on with writing. Please take a look at what I've posted in the last week. I have already gained almost 2,000 page views!

Remember the site because I know you will be back for more!
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Hi Davira,

A warm welcome to the Writing Forums.
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Olly Buckle

I have been writing as a hobby my whole life
Wow! I never wrote a word until my aunt taught me when I was four. :)

Sorry about that, I simply couldn't resist it, welcome to the forum, I hope you have a good time here.


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Hi Davira and welcome. I don't see a link to your blog. How do we get to it? Thanks!