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“...One pill will give you courage
One pill will make you see
The other pill will be a menace
And change your entire view of reality
So Which one will it be?”

I run through the concrete jungles of New York City
Medicine cannot cure my Ambitions alone
Yet, Only pills of a certain color
They threaten my very existence
And comfort my anxiety

So Intoxicate me with your political rhetorics
Dream of other sun-drenched locales
They will compare not to the sheer pleasure
I intake within these pills

Red like the blood boiling in my veins
All alongside my neighbor’s shattered windowpanes
Expressing the millions slaughtered in vain
And only my tote bag holds their blue pilled remains

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The Jefferson Airplane tune "white rabbit" pops into my head while reading this poem. A pill popping little jem- 2nd verse my favorite-been high many a day in that jungle. An intensely personal piece which screams 'fuck me up buttercup' because reality sucks..