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i'll post my homework here... (1 Viewer)


anyway English class is boring to death. i have been skipping classes for over 2 weeks. finally my teacher caught me today. he asked me why. I didn't give any respond. he asked me if skipping classes could do my English grades good.i had no answer. well, what did i do when they ' were having class. i just kept copying a text on the blackbored. when it has no more room for more writting, i just cleaned it and copied another one. like this i kept myself busy copying text.

So...i wonder if this is a good idea to improve my English level...
maybe completely lack of...

now i decide to post my homework here, in fact my English homework is all about different kinds of compesitions.

i just post it here cos i suppose no one would like to see it, perhaps the people who live online are different.
you can bother to reply or give advice if you really want to help me...