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People are cheating; yes, I can tell because it says 14 posts and only 1 reply!
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Can one be intimate with a Lovecraftian monster? And how does one accomplish such a thing? And, further, how can I write about it without feeling ridiculous?


This week I learned that you cannot rely on people to apply common sense - there is no way of telling if they have any...until it is too late.


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That's unfortunate, mememe.
Perhaps the next person will have something more uplifting to say.

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galt said:
Hey, people are cheating; yes, I can tell because it says 14 posts and only 1 reply! Come on, just write a sentence or two!
Maybe it's counting the people who come back to this thread over and over again?

I am probably singlehandedly responsible for at least ten of 'em. :roll:


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By the way, Gohn, Stahl: Part V has been up for about a week, if you are interested.
Yeah, I just saw it. I will read it in a few days. I just got back last night from vacation. Or I would have read it sooner.