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I Was Wrong (1 Viewer)


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Outside a house finch chirps
I feel the sun set west

Its relegating,
When the bird stops its song
And the sun finally glows mysteriously
Disappearing with chill whispers
Never knowing how that fiery star resides on the other side

Its then that I really begin to feel
The mystical searches
Of sky compasses that guide
like storybook sailors
rummaging the night stars; spiritual, magical
For all those things that can’t be seen but felt

Yet I am no storybook sailor,
Just a man worth shrunken cotton rags, with a flashlight
and a searching soul

I enter into the night
plummel rose bush weeds,
branches of redwood forests

I shine the light to my face
Feel the curve of my wrinkling crow’s feet,
to see if there is an emotion to embrace there

I walk through dark street corners
As an invisible army of sadness, anger, laughter, and human confliction
Reach for me with their relentless hands

“Can You Feel This!” they scream
“I do”
“I do”
I yell back…
Some terrible nightmare

But it is only my imagination

I was wrong you see
And I still am

The other side of the world
The sun shines brightly
All its majestic and beautiful glowing rays
While here I lay in the shadow of my mistakes

But there is still beauty within me
It may be hard to see
But it’s there, somewhere

Hidden in the rose garden
The redwood trees
And the crow’s feet across my eyes

Its in my hands reaching out
To invisible armies for help
With imaginary replies

You see I had it all wrong
I do have faith in humanity
No need to search the inner depths of my soul

It is genuine, it is kind,
Its spirit is true and present
It is beautiful
Gracious and good
It is rough around the edges
But means well in the end

And whether in light or veiled in shadow
We are all heaven sent
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Very human words. Vulnerable and truthful; we are everything, in everything and are all the same in different degrees. Halaluya!