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I was told to do this and I'm a people pleaser :) (1 Viewer)


Hi, I'm Eris. I'm 14 and from the UK. I enjoy writing quite a bit but lately haven't been able to write more than that of a couple paragraphs. Kinda sucks won't lie.
I just needed another platform to put my writing out because I like feedback and haven't been getting much of it.


I like writing in general, I do poetry and prose, it's not genre-specific either. I write whatever I feel like writing I'm sorry I'm not that interesting

Darren White

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Oh, but that's fine, we have boards for fiction, for poetry, discussions and more. I'm sure you'll like it :)


Hi, Eris, I'm glad you're here! Don't worry about being interesting, you're creative, interest will be there.

bazz cargo

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Wotcha Eris. Welcome to the mad house.
Someone's nicked all the ping-pong balls so we make do with sprouts
Curry night Thursdays
All cheese has to be declared
Hands off Pip's cookies.
Enjoy yourself.
Any questions, ask a Mentor.
Good luck