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I want to write a psychological horror story, what is the best advice you have for me? (1 Viewer)

I have ideas for some serieses of loud house horror fanfics involving an OC I came up with called Lomond Loud. Lomond is a mutant human who has superpowers and likes to kill as much people as he can just because he finds it fun. He also likes to eat the organs of his victims. Ronnie Anne, Clyde , Lincoln and Lily are the few people he cares about and won't think about killing. In the first story he is in, when Lori tries to force Lomond to go on a date by lifting furniture, she ends up getting brutally crushed by Lomond using the furniture. Also in that story, when Luna blocks Lomond's way to the kitchen as part of the "sister fight protocol", she ends up being killed by Lomond by being thrown out of a second story window. The reason why I used the word "serieses" in the beginning of this post is because along with the "Main series" I have tons of ideas for other stories that take place in alternate timelines. I have plans for sequels to those other stories that take place in those alternate timelines, as a result of this, it results in the creation of more than one series. i currently have lots and lots of "alternate timeline serieses" ideas. While Lomond usually is a character who kills people for fun, I have ideas for stories where he is instead some kind of "Anti-Hero who likes to brutally kill the villains". One of these stories is an action-horror story which is also an AU to Destroy897's "Red Loud" story which has Lomond brutally killing Russian soldiers, knocking Russian planes out of the sky and destroying Russian tanks by physically running into them. The reason why he is doing this in this story and working together with with the other loud siblings is just to protect Ronnie Anne and Lincoln, who I just said earlier are the few people he would never kill.

I also have ideas for stories involving Lomond Loud that fall under the "Psychological Horror" genre. One of these is an AU to "Burning Secret" by Samtastic 3.0. In this AU to the story, the school burning was a part of Lomond's plan. He is also the blackmailer. The guilt lincoln suffers is him using his "emotion manipulation" powers and any dreams lincoln has are caused by Lomond's "Dream Manipulation" powers. What Lomond basically does is trying to convince Lincoln that since people could of been killed by the fire, that technically makes him a terrible person and a killer just like him. Eventually, what happens is that the amount of psychological torment Lomond inflicts upon Lincoln causes Lincoln to lose his sanity and become a killer like Lomond, this was what Lomond wanted and what his plan was since the beginning of the story.

So, what are your opinions and/or thoughts on these ideas and this OC?


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I tried reading this and I am completely lost. You are presenting some characters by name (remember, we don't know them) and then describing how they die? I think your human/mutant character has some potential but giving him a reason to want to kill is always a good idea. An evil entity that is just evil for no reason is a little dull. Unless the stories are based on his friends trying to stop him from killing, then it could be fun...anyways. Sorry if I'm totally not understanding your post. ☺️ Good luck!
The title of this thread is my question. I want to write a psychological horror story, what is the best advice you have for me? My story idea is a loud house horror fanfic about Lincoln Loud’s psychological trauma which was caused by Luan’s dangerous pranks. Lincoln starts having nightmares of himself dying from Luan’s pranks and things eventually get so bad that Lincoln starts having heart attacks from fear caused by simply being around Luan. He also becomes very paranoid, becoming too scared to sleep and being very scared while eating and drinking, fearing that Luan has put something in them. What is the best advice you have for me that involves writing about the psychological horror genre?
I have an idea for a loud house horror story involving my OC idea named Lomond Loud. Lomond is a killer mutant loud sibling with superpowers. In this story, Lomond and Lincoln are working together to kill all of the loud sisters except for Lily as revenge for the events of the episode "No Such Luck". No Such Luck is one of the most hated episodes of the Loud House and as a result of that, tons of "No Such Luck AU" fanfics have been written. In my AU of No Such Luck, my OC Lomond and Lincoln are getting revenge by killing all of the loud sisters except for Lily like mentioned earlier. Do you think the loud sisters would deserve this? What advice do you have for writing this story?